Special Attack Bakugan Series

The latest release of the Special Attack Bakugan Series is here and it features some really cool new creatures. The Double Head Preyas Bakugan is my favorite of them all. Every kid is asking for the Double Head Preyas II which features two different G-Power heads. One end will have a 450G power rating and the other side will have a 650G power rating….now isn’t that cool. I love playing with this Double Headed Preyas II creature….most of the kids freak out when they see that it can open up at both ends.

Here are some pics I took of these awesome looking Special Attack Bakugans:

These new Special Attack Bakugan are awesome.  Add these creatures to your arsenal and freak out your opponents….

You can buy your Special Attack Bakugans here.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

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