NEW Ame-Comi Heroine Statues SERIES 2

Though I’m not exactly sure how Cheetah made the cut (though I suppose plenty of villains have made it before) , DC Direct has unveiled its upcoming Ame-Comi HEROINES 5-inch Series 2, a trio of figures featuring Cheetah, Donna Troy and Wonder Woman as anime-fied statues. Made of PVC and standing at about 5 inches, they’re a very nice addition to the massive (and massively popular) line that DC has been so diligent in updating. Really, in a time when figures are frequently pulled and when many “series 1” have seen themselves become the only series, it’s good to see something growing steadily.

Check out the rest of the collection by clicking the pic below!

DC UNIVERSE: Series 13 is here!

Series 13 of DC Direct’s DC Universe figures has now arrived and is in-stock over at! The thirteenth series brings with it a host of characters both good and evil, but all awesomely designed and brilliantly rendered by the DC sculptors!

Cheetah (and a long-haired variant) , Donna Troy, Blue Devil, Blue Beetle, Superboy, Cyclotron and Negative Man (and his variant, maskless) make up the series, each standing at just over 6 inches tall. Each one comes with a single piece of this set’s Build-a-Figure, the devilish Trigon.

Series 13 can be purchased as individual figures, or collectors can snag them as sets of 7, 8 or 9! Check ’em out!

DC Universe Classics Series 13 Toys, Action Figures

Mattel has finally released DC Universe Series 13. We will be shipping out all the pre-orders on Monday. If you didn’t order yours yet, you can buy them individually or as a set from

-Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
-Blue Devil
-Cheetah (both Modern & Classic Versions)
-Donna Troy
-Negative Man (with Black Variant)
-Trigon (Collect & Connect Figure)

DC Universe Series 13DC Universe 13

Wonder Woman to be renumbered in 2010

Wonder Woman 600 Cover
Continuing its promised pattern of major announcements for 2010, DC Comics’ The Source blog just broke the story that Wonder Woman will be getting renumbered in May 2010. Readers may remember the challenge that DC Comics Executive Editor Dan Didio gave a few months back, asking for fans of Wonder Woman to send him a postcard if they want Wonder Woman, which is currently on #38 of its third ongoing volume, to reflect the numbering if the title had never been relaunched in the 1980s or earlier this decade. If Didio received 600 postcards by October 31 this year, DC would renumber Wonder Woman in 2010 in time for the 600th issue of her own title.

The announcement came with hints at further announcements about Wonder Woman on the horizon in early 2010, and the cover illustration to Wonder Woman #600 by fan-favorite artist and architect behind Wonder Woman’s current incarnation, George Perez.

Wonder Woman Action Figures are available at

Wonder Woman Action Figures