TWO New Green Lantern Retro Doll Figures!

Two new Green Lantern Retro-Action Doll Figures are coming your way! One is already in-stock and the other is pre-orderable so that you can make absolutely sure to get your hands on one of the most valuable members of the Corps. But first…

Guy Gardner–the red-headed bowl-cut beefcake of the Green Lantern Coprs is the first one up. Sporting his signature vest, he stands about 8 inches tall and is part of a Green Lantern Retro Action line that also includes Sinestro, Kyle Rayner and the upcoming pre-order…

John Stewart! The third of the four exclusives featuring a separate power battery within the vintage-style packaging, he looks just fantastic and makes a great addition to any Green Lantern fan’s collection!

You can check out the rest of the retro collection right here!


New Retro-Action DC Doll Figures have arrived! Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Captain Cold and the Flash are here as 8-inch plush-and-plastic action figures that fans of the DC Universe are sure to enjoy.

They join the likes of Batman, Two-Face, Green Arrow, Black Manta and a bunch more of these old-fashioned figures. They look great and really help you get a feel for what comic book fans of yore enjoyed.

Sideshow’s 12” Emperor Palpatine Figure

A new pre-order has been added to our Sideshow Star Wars collection, which has already included the likes of Darth Vader, Padme Amidala, Lando Calrissian, Ki-Adi-Mundi and many, many more! Welcome the evil Emperor Palpatine.

Based on Ian McDiarmid’s chilling portrayal in the Star Wars franchise, this rendering of the Emperor stands 12 inches tall, features every bit of attention to detail that has made Sideshow the go-to company for high-quality figures and statues. He comes with interchangeable hands, a cane and a Star Wars logo display base and will be shipping in the second quarter of this year.

He’s not the only new addition, though! You can also check out the Coruscant Clone Trooper of the 41st Elite Corps, pre-orderable now and shipping around the same time as the Emperor. If you’re a big fan of that galaxy far, far away, you won’t want to miss out. Free Paper Dolls!

If you like the look of that cubic Dark Knight-style Joker, then you’ll definitely want to check out‘s awesome pop culture section, where the already adorable Cubee’s take on the roles of your favourite film, TV, comic or video game characters or items. From the 1960s Batman to Stephen Colbert, the Princess Bride’s Fezzick to Earthbound’s Ness, this site really does seem to have something for everyone.

If you like ’em, you can also check out Cubeecraft on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt and Myspace, all of which are great ways to keep in touch with the site and find out about new developments and new releases. This is definitely a good plan if you’re a fan of the site, because there are occasionally limited edition Cubee’s that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on.