Two things we’re happy about: first, that the jacket/pants combo is gone and, second, that she’s moved toward these muted-yet-stunning colours. The design is classic and the added bonus of musculature befitting a superhero makes this one of the finest renderings of the character in recent years. Take a look:

Based on her design in DC’s New 52, it’s a great figure for any fans of one of DC’s greatest characters.

DC Direct’s NEW Bishoujo Statue: Wonder Woman

Kotobukiya presents a brand new 9-inch Wonder Woman Bishoujo statue and its’ absolutely gorgeous. Showing Wonder Woman in her element, standing tall and proud with her armor and weapons, it’s a rare example of the character in her classic garb and looking powerful rather than just straight-up Lolita, which is common in some of the anime-inspired lines.

Now in-stock, you can snag this brilliantly-rendered statue from Kotobukiya and hopefully get over the disappointment of losing the NBC Wonder Woman pilot. Chin up, WW fans, it didn’t look good anyway!