Keep it in the family with the Superman Animated Femmes Fatales Supergirl statue figure

And some people still think Superman is the only one of his kind. Definitely not! Just like us, he’s got his own family ties. Here is the¬†Superman Animated Femmes Fatales Supergirl statue figure, an homage to Superman’s cousin from the planet Krypton!

Diamond Toys has fashioned this nine-inch toy portraying Supergirl in the middle of a show of might, getting ready to hurl herself down from a rock formation to take out a bad guy. Metropolis may be her adopted home, but we’re sure she’ll feel right at home in your collection, too! She sits atop a realistic sculpted base.

Not even Superman can do it all sometimes.

Not even Superman can do it all sometimes.

Presenting Diamond Select’s Carnage, one of Marvel’s most infamous super-villains

The serial killer once known as Cletus Kasady naturally became Carnage after merging with the progeny of the alien Venom during a prison breakout. The creature that emerged from this fateful union was to become even more insane and bloodlust-driven than the original murderer, who was thought to have killed his own grandmother.

New from Diamond Toys’ Marvel Select series is this dastardly psychopath in eight-inch figure format. After the success of their Classic Venom figure with collectors, they’ve decided to come back for more — lucky us! Jean St. Jean, who provided the sculpting expertise on the Classic Venom rendering, has returned to do the same for the former Mr. Kasady. Carnage boasts 16 articulation points and plenty of interchangeable heads, hands and back tendrils. Customize him how you like while having the option of side display with spine artwork. Pre-order him now for a March arrival — it’s not as far away as it might seem!

Carnage may be a ruthless criminal, but we have to admit that getting ripped apart in space is a pretty gnarly way to meet your demise.

Carnage may be a ruthless criminal, but we have to admit that getting ripped apart in space is a pretty gnarly way to meet your demise.

X-Force hero Cable will be dropping in on the Marvel Select scene early next year

Coming up as part of the highly raved-about Marvel Select series from Diamond Toys is the inimitable Cable. Standing eight inches tall, he is an image of the mighty founder of the X-Force, a reverse-relic of the cosmic future and progeny of the mythical Cyclops. He comes with imposing, fierce weapons, one of which can be mounted on his shoulders. The detailed display base recalls his most dastardly nemesis, which he’s about to defeat to a pulp, of course.

Encased in classic Select blister packaging with spine artwork for display purposes, this action-figure rendition of Cable will be in high demand. Order yours right now for shipping out in February.

"We are NOT retreating! It's victory or death!"

“We are NOT retreating! It’s victory or death!”

Captain Picard Star Trek Figure

Captain Picard Star Trek Figure


Sculpted by Patrick Pigott! The all-new Star Trek Select line is boldly going forward, and leaving the 23rd century behind! The next figure to get the deluxe, 7-inch treatment from DST is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Striking an attack pose atop a detailed Borg battle scene display base, this figure will feature limited articulation as well as exacting sculpt and paint. Figure comes in display-ready Select packaging, with shelf reference panel.

Scheduled Release Date: June 2014



From Diamond Select, here’s an awesome addition to your Klingon cosplay: a Klingon Disruptor! This is from the company that brought you screen-accurate phasers, tricorder and communicators, so you know it’s going to be rad.

A legendary weapon from the Klingon Empire, its electronic lights and sounds will be the perfect complement to your costume– or just make a great conversation piece for your display case!


Barney Ross, Gunnar Jensen and Hale Caesar make up the very first 6-inch figures based on the EXPENDABLES films.

Each one boasts an awesome likeness, fantastic details and, of course, some incredibly sweet weaponry– ¬†pretty much exactly what you’d expect from these guys. Hopefully we can expect them to be joined by the rest of the crew in the coming months. Order these guys individually or as a set of three and they ship out in December

The Amazing Spider-Man – LIZARD

When they first showed off the new Lizard from the upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, it was surely only a matter of time before the collectors wanted to snag a figure, statue or any other collectible featuring Spidey’s reptilian nemesis. Fortunately, the wait is over.

Capturing the Rhys Ifans character perfectly, this Diamond Select figure is designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant, whose work has never been anything but awesome. Standing about 7 inches tall, he boasts an impressive 16 points of articulation, meaning that when you set up your inevitable NYC Spider-Man diorama, the options are pretty much endless. Or, if you’re an in-the-box collector, you’ll be pleased with the over-sized packaging.


A four-pack tailor-made for fans of the 80s cartoon THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS has just arrived! Diamond’s MINI-MATES recreate classic characters with a cute and cubic spin. It’s a market-exclusive item and includes all four Anti-Ghostbusters, the “spectral doppelgangers of the team that manifested in the wake of the Gozer incident”. Each one stands about 2.5 inches tall and features an impressive 14 points of articulation– pretty good for the teeny tiny size. The interchangeable parts and accessories make this one all the better as a collector’s item.

Alice : Madness Returns Figures

Though the game might not have been the financial success we might have hoped, critics responded to its stunning design and artistic elements, the strangeness of the characters and the inventive, dark beauty to be found in every corner of London and its counterpart, Wonderland.

Alice, a Card Guard and the Cheschire Cat can be purchased individually or as a complete set of three. You can also snag Hysteria Alice, an exclusive rendering of her terrifying berserker form, blood red and bone white.

All of these figures can be pre-ordered now and will be shipping out in JUNE!

Thor Classic Marvel Select Figure Exclusive Disney

We just got in a new Thor Classic Marvel Select Figure which is an exclusive not available at your local Walmart or Toys R Us.

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