Kubricks Celebrate DC’s 75th Anniversary

Okay, what’s the best? Think about it for a second. I mean, when you say “This is the best”, what are you probably looking at? Because whatever your answer is, you might just be wrong. And I know this because I am almost sure that this is the best:

Standing about 3 inches tall, this set of 10 DC Kubricks is a brilliant collection of adorable little figures that unites Batman’s friends and foes (and multiple Bat-incarnations). It’s a Medicom Japan import, meaning you can expect limited quantities, but as far as collections go, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Packaged in a window box, the set features the following:

Batman (comics-style): NEW DECO!
Superman (Superman Returns movie)
Batgirl (animated-style): NEW DECO!
The Joker (The Dark Knight movie): NEW DECO! NEW ACCESSORY!
Batman (animated-style): NEW DECO!
Batman (The Dark Knight movie)
Batman (Batman movie 1989): NEW DECO!
Robin (animated-style): NEW DECO!
Catwoman (Batman Returns movie)
Harley Quinn (animated-style): NEW DECO!

The Detective Comics Box Set

A box set of five figures and a 64-page comic book anthology has now arrived from DC Direct.

The classic, retro Batman, Robin and Batgirl are joined by the mischievous Bat-Mite and the dastardly Riddler in this set, which hearkens back to a more innocent time and a fun version of Batman that is, today, rarely seen outside The Brave and the Bold. Each figure is about 6 inches tall (well, not Bat-Mite) and comes with a display stand, making the group a great add to your shelf.

And here’s the word from DC on the comic they’ve included in the set:
. The stories included in the special DETECTIVE COMICS CLASSICS book are “The Riddler’s Prison-Puzzle Problem!” from DETECTIVE COMICS #377, “Tall, Dark, Handsome – and Missing!” from DETECTIVE COMICS #384, “Hunt for the Helpless Hostage!” from DETECTIVE COMICS #385, “The Invader from Hell!” from BATMAN FAMILY #1, and “Bat-Mite” from WHO’S WHO: THE DEFINITE DIRECTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #2.

You can snag it here!

Gothamy City 5: Action Figure Exclusive!

We juuuust got a new multi-pack from the folks at Mattel via DC Direct: The Gotham City 5. Including Superman, Two-Face, Catwoman, Lex Luthor and, naturally, Batsy himself, it’s a great box-set for any fan of Detective Comics’ most enduring heroes and villains. Check it out!

Each figure stands about 6 inches tall and is an exclusive, explained by the manufacturers as such:

* a new Lex Luthor in his iconic purple and green jumpsuit,
* Superman from the Braniac / Superman 2-pack but with normal eyes,
* Batman from the Batman / Clayface 2-pack but without the mud splatters,
* Two-Face from DCSH with new paint deco, and
* and Catwoman from DCSH with new paint deco.