Just looking at it brings back memories of its scenes in 2011’s THOR and the terrifying sounds it made as it brought ruin to the small town playing host to the God of Thunder. Legacy Effects and Sideshow Collectibles are bringing you this Destroyer Maquette and it’s truly incredible, a shining steel monster standing atop a modeled rock stand. Each of these limited statues is individually painted, which means yours is like none other– something that Sideshow has always taken pride in. This 26-inch(!) behemoth makes an amazing addition to any collection–grab it while it lasts!


Anyone who watched Thor knows the terrifying roar of the Destroyer, an inhuman sound that signalled a blast of energy aimed at the film’s heroes. He was an grim and striking behemoth and came thundering in with the climax of the film. Now the Destroyer is available as an 8-inch figure from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble collection. Grab it today!

And if you want a companion piece, look no further than this 8-inch Thor. A great rendering of Chris Hemsworth’s take on the Norse God-turned-Superhero. Both are in-stock and ready to ship out!