X-Force Deadpool

Black guns, black mask, all black everything: Deadpool has never looked cooler or stealthier than he does as a 12-inch Bowen statue. Seriously, take a look at his slick X-Force style:

He’s in-stock and ready to go now, so don’t delay or you might just miss him!

Deadpool Mini-Bust

Deadpool never fails to look absolutely awesome and if you’re a fan of the character, you’ll definitely want to snag this awesome Gentle Giant mini-bust.

It’s the perfect addition to your collection if you’re graduating beyond just action figures, but you’re not sure you need to take up any more space with more gigantic statues. This one stands only about 6 inches tall, but manages to pack in a ton of Awesome as the Merc with a Mouth brandishes a machine gun one-handed.


This awesome 12-inch statue of the Merc with a Mouth is the latest from BOWEN STUDIOS, a brand synonymous with incredible Marvel collectibles.

He’s got a bit of a shine to him, but we figure a character as flash as him might actually be happy to have it. If you’re a fan of the character or just need a great new conversation piece, get your hands on this one.

20-Inch DEADPOOL Statue

Deadpool has never looked better than he does here as a 20” Sideshow figure. The Merc with a Mouth comes with a ton of weapons, including an assault rifle, automatic pistol, a dagger, and a pair of katanas. He stands on an awesome display base that features both his logo and a ring of bullets and he comes with an extra head, just in case you want something a little different.


Deadpool’s enjoying some additional popularity lately, with a rejuvenated comic series and an upcoming video game. It’s no surprise, then, that Gentle Giant has released another collectible featuring the Merc with a Mouth.

This new 6-inch bust is hand-painted, individually numbered and comes with a Certificate of authenticity. If you’re a fan, pre-order now and it ships out in November!

High Moon Studios and Marvel announce Deadpool Video Game

Deadpool Video Game

Unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, the video game trailer featuring everyone’s favorite insane assassin, Deadpool. The trailer starts off with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and talking to himself before switching to the character doing what he does best: killing people. The game seems as over-the-top as one would expect it to be, with the superhero yelling out catchphrases like ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Pew Pew’ while firing his pistols.  He even says ‘Sh*t’ in the trailer.

The game seems very in line with the comics and has the extraordinarily talented Nolan North voicing Deadpool, as he has in a handful of other games and animated movies the character has appeared in. The game looks to be a third person action/shooter, with a very distinct comic-book style to it. If you’re a fan of Deadpool (and who isn’t), this title should definitely be on your radar.

Little else is known about Deadpool aside from what’s shown in the trailer.

Marvel Select Figure Deadpool

DeadPool Marvel Select Figure – Detailed Photos

Deadpool – aka Wade Wilson – is the infamous “Merc with a Mouth.” His career as a mercnary began while still in his late teens, when he became a test subject in Department K’s branch of the joint US/Canadian superhuman enhancement project, better known as the “Weapon X” program. Horribly scarred and slightly insane due to the super-soldier process that bestowed him with an accelerated healing factor, Deadpool has become one of the Marvel Universe’s favorite loud-mouthed, smart-alecky, super-assassins/mercenaries!   Marvel Select recently released the 7 inch figure.

Deadpool Marvel Select Figure