Brightest Day is Finally Here!

Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Deadman and Aquaman have finally arrived as the members of DC Direct’s new line. Based on the recent and hugely popular company-wide event, BRIGHTEST DAY, these 6-inch figures faithfully capture the best and most dynamic looks of these characters as they appeared on the pages of the connected comics.

You can grab these guys individually or as a set and they work great as both functional and display figures. Already planned are two more series to follow this one, where you’ll be able to snag Firestorm, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter and Mera (Series 2) and then Aqualad, Dove, Hawk and Jade (Series 3). Of course, if the wait is killing you, you can pre-order and make sure you get ’em sent your way the second they’re shipped out!


The latest BLACKEST NIGHT figures have arrived! Series 5 is comprised entirely of Black Lanterns, dark versions of the heroes we know and love and a terrifying supervillain bent on a galactic war.

Each one is about 7 inches tall and looks just as vicious as you might expect, ready to bring down what remains of the GL Corps and the Justice League one hero at a time! Here’s the complete set of figures now available and in-stock, a great way to bring the battle for the universe to your very own toy shelf!






New BRIGHTEST DAY Pre-Orders from DC Direct!

“BRIGHTEST DAY is about second chances. It’s looking at twelve characters that have been resurrected and examining whether it’s a miracle or a curse. Some second chances work out… some don’t. BRIGHTEST DAY is the next step in repositioning a lot of characters in the DC Universe and pushing them to the next level.”
Geoff Johns

As Blackest Night comes to a close, are you ready for the dawn of DC’s new event, BRIGHTEST DAY? With a great collection of writers and artists collaborating on the comics and storylines, the next few months should be a pretty great time for fans of the heroes and villains they can expect to see along the way.

And, of course, the fact that something new is beginning also means that DC Direct is rolling out the new figures and I am very pleased to say that they look absolutely great. Standing 6 inches tall, brilliantly sculpted based on the new looks of the characters and the new art style of the event, they’re only the first series of what will surely be a very nice-looking collection. Check out the first four below, snaggable either individually or as a set! They can be pre-ordered now and ship in March 2011!

AQUAMAN (March 2011)

DEAD MAN (March 2011)

GREEN ARROW (March 2011)

HAWKGIRL (March 2011)

SET OF ALL 4 FIGURES (March 2011)

Blackest Night: Mongul and Series 5 Pre-Orders!

DC Direct’s Blackest Night collection is still growing even as we all look towards Brightest Day. The fifth series is now available for pre-order and will be shipping in August of this year, just as the high from Comic Con International in San Diego begins to wear down. This series is comprised of four 6 or 7 inch figures and features dark, Black Lantern versions of Batman, Deadman, Hawkman and Nekron, who, like Deadman, goes fundamentally unchanged. As per usual, each one of these guys comes with a Black Lantern ring that you can use to unlock whatever dark powers you feel you deserve that day. You can grab the figures individually or as a full set of four. Pre-order now and they ship next month.

And if you’re looking for more Blackest Night goodness, then you might also be interested in pre-ordering the other GL figure shipping next month: the Deluxe Sinestro Corps’ Mongul.

Standing a whopping 9” to tower above the other figures and packaged in a double clamshell, this special item is one that fans of the series should definitely look out for to fill out their collections. Mongul ships in August, as well, but it a stand-alone figure outside any series.