The DC Origins collection is an awesome one not only because it features some very good-looking, well-sculpted figures, but because it brings together a bit of nostalgia with that modern edge, uniting the latest incarnations of superheroes and supervillains with themselves as they were many, many years before in their first appearances. Series 1 brought us Batman, the Joker, Catwoman and Nightwing and they looked very, very cool, so fans of that group will be pleased to see who’s arrived as part of the second series…


Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash are immortalized in these eight figures, sold in 2-figure sets. The contrasts between new and old are striking, sure to be at the center of discussion when we wonder which costume is truly superior (personally, I think Nightwing upgraded whereas the Green Lantern might actually be slightly cooler in his original and recurring Alan Scott form). You can get all eight figures in a complete set or just order each pack by itself, if you’re after that one beloved character!

DC ORIGINS: Series 2 Pre-Orders!

The second series of DC Direct’s DC Origins figures are up and available for pre-order now. Shipping in September, they follow up the first series and add The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman to the line-up (also available as a set of 8 figures in 4 packs.

Bringing together the current incarnations of the DC’s greatest heroes and villains with renderings of their original looks has made for a pretty awesome collection. It’s interesting to see the evolution (or devolution depending on your viewpoint of the modern aesthetics) of these classic characters and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that DC continues with the line: there are a ton of great figures yet to be made.

DC Origins Figures: Batman, Catwoman and More!

I’ve always been a DC fan. Marvel’s great, there are a ton of cool characters, but if I’ve gotta pick one, I’ve gotta go with good old Detective Comics. And once there, I zero in on one hero: Batman. So I am definitely pleased that both Batman and DC are being so fondly represented in DC Direct’s new line, DC Origins: Batman.

Sold in packs of two, the figures are renderings of first-appearance characters paired with their current or more modern incarnations. Batman leads the pack, but he is joined by arch-nemesis Joker, who rivals Batsy for least-changed of the group, femme fatale Catwoman and former-Robin-gone-solo, Nightwing, who decided at some point to stop rocking the disco collar.

Grab the packs individually or as a set by heading over to our DC Origins section or clicking one of the links below!

Batman with batarangs
The Joker with cane
Catwoman with whip
Nightwing with awesome disco collar
Complete DC Origins Series 1 Set of 4!

Plus, you can also pre-order the unreleased series 2, which features Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern! Check ’em out .  They ship in September!

While we are on the subject of Batman….I would recommend that you pick up one of the better video games of the year: Batman Arkham Asylum.