Prometheus’ DAVID 8

Weyland’s DAVID 8 joins the Prometheus figure collection from Neca. Perfectly capturing that strange blend of wide-eyed innocence and underlying malice, this figure stands about 6 inches tall and comes with an alternate head, plus a couple accessories. He’s a fantastic character from the divisive film and a great addition to any collection.


Happy Birthday, David!

The new viral video for PROMETHEUS is strange and chilling, yet somehow endearing. David manages to pull at your heartstrings while making your skin crawl just a little bit and it’s both a testament to Michael Fassbender’s talent and the stunning tale we can expect to see when the film finally hits theatres.

After looking forward, of course, we can also look back…which, since this is a prequel, is also looking forward.

Confused? Don’t be. Just check out our collection of Aliens figures here.

CULT CLASSIC ICONS: Series 2 Arrives!

The second series of NECA’s Cult Classic Icons collection has now arrived and is in-stock! The second series is a follow up to that which included the likes of Pinhead and Michael Myers and in this set you’ll find Trick or Treat’s SAM, BEETLEJUICE, JASON (Freddy vs. Jason style) and the Lost Boys’ DAVID. Horror fans will definitely want to grab these for their display shelf and maybe take a look at the complete Cult Classic collection to see what else NECA’s got in store for film buffs!