75th anniversary Batman figurine four-pack

Time flies, and perhaps more rapidly so for bat-winged heroes like the protector of Gotham City himself. For Batman’s 75th (!) anniversary come four (!!) special-edition paint deco (!!!) figurines in one neat package.

Here, the Dark Knight is presented in 6-inch format in four of his incarnations, based on the designs of Bob Kane (first appearance), Jim Lee (New Frontier), Darwyn Cooke (Hush) and the Batman: Arkham Origins hit video game. A must-have for anyone obsessed with the valiant bravery and idiosyncratic charm of Batman in all of his forms.

Happy 75th, Batman!

Happy 75th, birthday boy!

Darwyn Cooke’s BATMAN Black and White

Darwyn Cooke’s stand-out style is showcased in this awesome Batman Black & White figure. Take a look!

Renowned artist Darwyn Cooke gives a modern twist to the Dark Knight’s golden age style with latest from the “Batman: Black and White” line of collectibles. Standing ready to defend the night, this statue, painted in monochromatic tones, adds a classic feel to any shelf! Figure measures 5.5″ high x 6″ wide x 5″ deep.


Darwyn Cooke’s most recent foray into comic writing and illustration has been in MINUTEMEN and SILK SPECTRE as part of the controversial Before Watchmen series from DC Comics. This upcoming Batman statue, however, promises to be much less divisive– it’s just plain old awesome.

The black and white statue stands about 7 inches tall and is sure to be one of the most coveted versions in the whole line, with Cooke being one of the best and most popular artists out there. Order now and it ships out in July! Just in time for SDCC…