CYCLOPS a.k.a. Scott Summers, (occasional) leader of the X-Men looks incredibly striking as a 10.5-inch statue from Kotobukiya. It’s a stunning Japanese import and part of the Danger Room Sessions, which brings the most amazing members of the team to your display shelf.

The look celebrates the “Jim Lee era” of the early 90s and is a pretty cool throwback for any fans from back in the day. The fact that he’s standing on the smashed-up head of a fallen Sentinel only adds to the cool.

Marvel Select 8-Inch Figure: COLOSSUS

From Diamond Select and the sculptors at Gentle Giant Studios comes an amazing new addition to the Marvel Select Line, part of the massively successful “DANGER ROOM” collection. COLOSSUS is the newest member of the X-Men team to join the figure line and he’s an awesome one, clad in his classic red and yellow, silver muscles bursting through the outfit itself.

He comes packaged with a part of the Danger Room itself, in perfect scale with all the other pieces sold with previous figures. Coloussus stands about 8 inches tall and features an impressive 16 points of articulation. If you’ve got the Gambit and Cyclops figures from the previous releases, then you can even combine their bases to create a great Danger Room diorama!

Sideshow Premium Format Statue: CYCLOPS

CYCLOPS ┬áhas been a pretty consistent presence in the X-Men and been a fan favourite since his inception. For forty-eight years now, he’s gone through new enemies, allies and lovers, dozens of drastic changes in personality and, of course, a ton of drastically different looks. Arguably, the most popular was this blue and yellow number under the brown leather jacket and thus it’s the one that Sideshow’s decided to capture here. The figure stands a whopping 19 inches tall and captures Scott Summers standing atop the remains of a building. It also features a light-up visor and a real fabric costume with a removable jacket.

Classic Cyclops Marvel Select Figure

One of the most powerful members the X-Men have ever known, Cyclops’ ruby quartz lenses hold back Scott Summers’ raw solar energy and allow the leader of the X-Men to control his optic blasts. This seven-inch Marvel Select release features the mutant in his most famous classic look and features an interchangeable unmasked head, multiple points of articulation and a Danger Room base for the ultimate X-Men display!

Classic Cyclops Marvel Select Figure



Rocking his most classic look in blue and yellow, Cyclops stands at the ready, hand on his protective visor as he prepares to face an unseen foe.

Team Leader of the X-Men, Cyclops is often a divisive character, loved or hated by the comic’s fans who might see things very differently when it comes to his by-the-book leadership style, his love affairs with Jean Grey and Emma Frost or his political views on the seemingly unending war between the humans and the mutants.

Faithfully rendered by Sideshow, this stunning 19-inch figure does Scott Summers’ iconic look justice, whether you like him or not. The real fabric costume and removable costume are pretty awesome on their own, but where this figure really shines (no pun intended) is with the light-up visor that is Cyclops’ most powerful weapon and that which keeps his untamed abilities at bay.

This figure can be pre-ordered now and ships in the second quarter of this year!

New Superhero Squad Figures!

Three new items have been added to the Superhero Squad section of in the Mega-packs and box sets subset. All three of the new packs are based on Wolverine, whose recent television and film appearances seem to have officially cemented him as the true star of the X-Men license/franchise. The first in the trio is the ‘X-Cutioners Song’, which includes some very cute renderings of Wolverine (yellow costume), Stryfe, Marvel Girl and Cyclops.

Since the beginning, I’ve always wondered why Hasbro went in such an adorable direction for such fierce, powerful characters, but in this and dozens of other Superhero Squad packs, it’s tough not to see at least some of the appeal. It’s definitely present in the next set, which includes Dark Beast, Havok, Wolverine and Wolvie’s motorcycle under the title ‘Doom of the Dark Beast’. Even the vicious villain of the story is made to be endearing, a smile on a usually snarling face.

Finally, we’ve got the Wolverine Evolutions set (see below). It features four versions of Wolverine based on the comics and film, all without the classic mask and modeled more on the Logan we’ve seen of late. These ones are definitely a great addition to the collection of any Wolvie fan.