A Transformers exclusive: Reserve your Combiner Wars Deluxe Class figures!

CmdStore is excited to announce two special, early-release figures from Hasbro — Quickslinger (shown below) and Brake-Neck!

Don’t let his mental complacence fool you, because what Brake-Neck lacks in intellectual prowess, he makes up in courage and speed. Ready to transform into that tell-tale white cruiser, he’s about to join the ranks of the Combiner Wars battle and rev up for crushing foes and taking names. The Cybertron native Quickslinger does exactly what her name implies, being a veritable force to reckon with inside the ranks of the Autobots.

Both figures stand six inches tall, ideal for joining your other Transformers Generations toys. Don’t let your collection go incomplete!

Quickslangin' rocks.

Quickslangin’ rocks.

Two new figures in the Transformers Age of Extinction Voyager Class series

Our pal Slog isn’t exactly known for his intellectual capabilities (even Grimlock can think circles around him), but his robotic prowess in battle is the stuff of legend! This hero is at times a machine, at times an Apatosaurus/Brachiosaurus hybrid, and as an ancient Cybertron warrior he’s definitely got the chops to merit a place in the Age of Extinction line. Hasbro manufactures this version of Slog as part of the third-wave Voyager Class series, and this 8-inch, window-packaged figurine is naturally the next addition to the Age of Extinction aficionado’s or aficionada’s collection.

We’ve also got Drift, too!

Slog comes with two large, lance-like weapons and two smaller clubs.

Slog comes with two large, lance-like weapons and two smaller clubs.

Transformers Generations: CYBERTRONIAN SOUNDWAVE

Cybertronian Soundwave is a great find for fans of the Transformers Generations figures. Joining other Decepticons and Autobots like Thrust, Darkmount, Optimus Prime and Megatron, Soundwave stands about 6 inches tall when fully transformed and comes in at about a “3” (of 5) on the difficulty-of-transformation scale. His character is “sophisticated, electronic communications expert” who brings his technological savvy to his evil team as they strive to defeat the valiant Autobots.

And here’s a great video review by SSJ Autobot if you need to see this guy in action!

Transformers: 25th Anniversary, Animated and a ton of toys!

As seen in a couple of our Transformers posts, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Robots in disguise and the brand and franchise seem to be stronger than ever! Not only do we get awesome items like the 25th Anniversary, but fans are also fortunate enough to have the Transformers Animated series and an upcoming sequel to the hugely successful film. And speaking of which, let’s check out the trailer (and not just Megan Fox–Or Shia LaBoeuf, over whom many do seem to be swooning):

But live-action isn’t all there is, and some of the die-hard fans still resent what Michael Bay has done to their favourite Autobots and Decepticons. So for those who are only slight purists (we have nothing for those who accept nothing but Gen 1), there’s Transformers Animated.

In the spirit of the original series, we see pairings of man and machine united against the evil Decepticons, but this time played out in a style that’s dynamic, unique to the series and definitely visually stunning. It took some time for me to warm up to the show, but the current storylines are stellar and I have a feeling it’ll be around for quite a while longer.

Naturally, since toys are where it all because for the Transformers, I should also mention the massive collection we’ve got over in our online store. You can head over there to check out the entire line, but here are a couple shortcuts to the specific sections to speed up your search for that one special robot…