Two Face Harvey Dent Batman 12 inch Figure

Custom Two Face Harvey Dent 12 inch figure customized by Angelo D.

Superman vs Bizarro 12 inch Custom Figures

Ah yes, the debate about the ultimate good guy. The believer of truth, justice, and the American way. Good vs. evil at its best has always been Superman vs. Bizarro.

Our custom guy (Angelo D) created an awesome set of figures (check it out).   It is called Web of Kryptonian: Death of Superman.  What do you gals and guys think?

Superman Bizarro Custom 12 inch FigureSuperman Bizarro Custom 12 inch FigureSuperman Bizarro Custom 12 inch FigureSuperman Bizarro Custom 12 inch Figure

Green Hulk 8 inch Custom Figure

Here are some pics of our Green Mutant Hulk which is from the Marvel Select line (originally a Red Hulk).   Figure was customized by our expert store staff, Angelo D.

Green Hulk 8 inch Custom FigureGreen Hulk 8 inch Custom FigureWe do not sell custom figures online.  You can only buy this figure from our retail store located at:

Toys on Fire
1539 Van Horne Ave
Montreal, Quebec
H2V 1L4  Canada
Ph: (514) 948-2627

DEADPOOL riding a Scooter?

Yes…you read the title right….Deadpool riding a red candy apple Vespa scooter!

This ebay auction was listed by our good friend Jin Saotome.

Ah yes, Deadpool…what can be said about this merc’s fighting style? He uses every kind of weapon imaginable…and every vehicle imaginable! He’s been redesigned with a resculpted head, new body harness, attached handguns, extra pouches. and hand-painted to show off all the super detail on this figure. The swords are all new and hard plastic this time around and fit into the back sheathes which are now placed correctly. You also get a HUGE assortment of weapons for him to use and of course…what you’ve been waiting for…

THE DEADPOOL SCOOTER! Deadpool is riding in style now with this perfectly scaled custom Vespa scooter that’s been decked out with the Kaneda’s bike stickers from the movie Akira and other logos. It’s been painted with great detail, the body diecast and the tires are rubber allowing for hours of scootering fun. DP’s satchel of weapons magnetically attaches to the back so he can take his equipment with him to various missions. So, need a really unique gift for a GI Joe collector you know? Need a slick ride that will attract the ladies? Then don’t pass this auction up!

Do you want this awesome custom toy in your collection? You can bid on it….click here.

Deadpool with Scooter

Custom Toys by Jin Saotome (Dangerous toys)

I have noticed an increasing amount of customers who enjoy customizing their toys.   We have regulars who purchase Stikfas figures and paint them.   These customers have emailed me pictures of their work and it is pretty amazing what some creativity and paint can do.   We also have diehard customizers who dismantle figures and build completely different characters out of them.   For example, Jin Saotome’s Dangerous Toys would use parts of a GI-Joe figure and combine it with a Indiana Jones figure to create something like a Red Skull figure from the Marvel Universe.  Now that is freakin’ awesome!

Here is one of my favorite customizer who has a really cool site dedicated to customizing your Action Figures….Jin Saotome’s Dangerous Toys.   He has tutorials on customizing action figures which you must check out.

He is so good that his work is featured in Toyfare Magazine.   He sells some of his work on eBay and fetches some good bucks.  He has done some work for us and I would give him a big thumbs up (he’s also a really nice guy who loves to promote his passion of customizing).  Go ahead…check out his great website….you will be amazed at what he can do!

Follow him on twitter:

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