To get in the spirit, check out NECA’s awesome CULT CLASSICS line. Everyone from Michael Myers (above) to Hannibal Lecter, The Crow to Shaun of the Dead can be found in this growing collection and they all look just brilliant. Check ’em out and have a happy Halloween!

CULT CLASSIC ICONS: Series 2 Arrives!

The second series of NECA’s Cult Classic Icons collection has now arrived and is in-stock! The second series is a follow up to that which included the likes of Pinhead and Michael Myers and in this set you’ll find Trick or Treat’s SAM, BEETLEJUICE, JASON (Freddy vs. Jason style) and the Lost Boys’ DAVID. Horror fans will definitely want to grab these for their display shelf and maybe take a look at the complete Cult Classic collection to see what else NECA’s got in store for film buffs!

Horror Movie Toys and Paranormal Activity 2

As Halloween approaches, our thoughts turn to the dark and sinister, to the creepy and the outright terrifying…and to our very favourite horror movies. Here’s a selection of the horror collections we’ve got in-stock. If you don’t see your favourite listed, be sure to check out our complete movie action figure section for more films including The Wolf Man, Corpse Bride (Not horror, but Halloween-y!), Alien and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


With tons of figures in a ton of different waves, you’ll find the likes of EVIL DEAD’s Ash, Beetlejuice, SHAUN OF THE DEAD’s Shaun, SILENCE OF THE LAMB’s Hannibal Lecter, GREMLINS’ Brain and many more! Check it out!


If you enjoy THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, LEGEND, BLAIR WITCH, or CHUCKY, then you’ll want to peruse this section, which brings a ton of characters to life as highly-detailed 6-inch figures. If your tastes run weird, it’s a great line.


A line that throws together MICHAEL MYERS, JASON and LEATHERFACE is one with which it is hard to go wrong come Halloween! Blood, guts and action figures!


More specific than the previous categories, this one’s all about Freddie and the films in which he’s starred. A very cute Living Dead Doll, a 12-inch figure and a few 7-inchers help add some diversity to a character who has haunted dreams for decades!


The now-iconic Jigsaw Puppet and the man himself are available in this, which represents perhaps the newest horror franchise on the list and one that began the so-called “torture porn” trend that has defined horror in the 00s. As the series comes to a close, what will be the next wave?


David and Michael are two figures in NECA’s Lost Boys line and you can get ’em both right here. These 7-inchers are an absolutely perfect way to commemorate the film and to look back fondly on the 80s, a time of some very new and very different kinds of horror.


Hellraiser: Either you get it or you don’t. But if you do, then you might enjoy snagging creatures and characters like Angelique, Chatter Beast, Butterball, Wire Twin, Pin Head and more!

Which brings us, of course, to some very recent horror: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The folks at DreadCentral have been keeping a close eye on the viral campaign and the latest developments are my favourite thus far. No clicking around, no videos, no sounds, just a straight-forward ad, at first…

Go ahead. Send in your very own paranormal experience. Because if you do, then you might just get a letter in return. It looks a little like this…

What’s next? Well, we’ll have to see. And if things don’t get sorted soon, at least we can hope for answers when the movie comes out on the 22nd!

NECA Cult Classics: The ICONIC Series

For a film to go from mere cult hit to a true cult classic, it doesn’t have to win any popularity contests, nor does it have to creep its way into the mainstream. Rather, the test that will determine the films that can call themselves true “cult classics” is the test of time. In ten years, will its fans still embrace it with the same fervour? Twenty years? Thirty? Films like Evil Dead, Gremlins, Flash Gordon and a host of others seemed to already have cemented their place in the annals of cult film history, but we can look forward to a future of many more fringe movies kept alive by fans.

And of course, when fans want to keep something alive, it isn’t only the production and distribution companies that respond: the toy-makers get involved, too! Which means that action figure lines like NECA’s Cult Classic collection probably won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

So far, they’ve already released more than eight sets of toys, ranging from characters like American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman and Silence of the Lambs’ Hannibal Lecter to Die Hard’s John McClane and the eponymous Shaun of the Dead. But now, over at CmdStore.com, you can find the latest sets of toys, plus a brand new series available for pre-order!

The new group of figures is known as “The Iconic Series” and for good reason: here are five characters who have not only withstood the test of time, but have become a part of a lexicon beyond that of film students or superfans. Even those less than crazy about non-mainstream film will definitely be familiar with these five: a Gremlin (Brain), Hellraiser’s Pinhead, Halloween’s Michael Myers, Beetlejuice and The Crow’s Eric Draven. For those merely seeking their favourite, these 6-inch figures can be purchased individually, but collectors can also pick ’em up as a set. Just click the link below to take a look!