The Dionaea House might just be my favourite scary story of all time. It isn’t conventional, but it’s something truly special and definitely worth a read if you’ve got a bit of time to spare to a piece of brilliant online fiction.

Visit the website, turn off all the lights in the house, settle in somewhere comfortable and when you’re ready to read, press “next” to continue through the story (the ‘updates’ page you can visit later!) and just enjoy. It’s far from the traditional take on the haunted house and I think you might really enjoy it!



Ever heard of Pokemon Creepy Black? A ROM hack of Pokemon Red intended to turn the whimsical action RPG into a horror game, it’s being made by a group working at Project Creepy Black with help from more volunteers entranced by the original creepypasta (Google it or read it in the Creepypasta forums here. (A similar story concerns a creeped-out version of Pokemon silver watchable here)

Here’s the story from

Inspired by the (most likely fictional) tale we posted a week ago about the “super creepy Pokémon hack”, a group of ROM hackers are trying to create a patch that will mimic the mechanics of the haunted bootleg.

The team is making the patch for Pokémon FireRed and not just Red, so you won’t be able to play this on an old school Game Boy, as in the original story. From what I can tell, the group wants to make two versions — one that stays true to what was described in the “super creepy Pokémon hack” post, and another that’s inspired by the story but incorporates some creative additions.

If you know anything about scripting or programming, feel free to lend a hand! Hopefully, this project will actually see completion (unlike 95 percent of most other homebrew projects), so people can burn the patched game to flashcarts and leave them lying around flea markets/thrift stores/garage sales/etc for kids to discover.

Now, even we creepypasta fans have to admit that there are a number of people who prefer their Pokemon more traditional and so this note on our collection of action figures and collectibles applies to them (though we’d like to combine our Poke-pals with the Resident Evil figures, maybe, and see what ensues. But for now, take a look at this collection of very un-scary Pokemon items!







Fewdio: Short Films, Big Scares

In a time when horror microfiction from places like, Ichor Falls and The Josef K. Stories is getting more and more popular (giving birth to such awesome places as the recent Livejournal Spotlight ONTD Creepy), it’s not surprising that more and more well-made shorts have been making it onto youtube and beyond. Take, No Through Road for example, an amateur horror short about a group of teens on a doomed ride home. Or this other mockumentary short by a very talented amateur effects artist, showcasing a supposed “Demon Attack”. Yep, horror is back in a…well, small way: tired of the same old thing Hollywood’s carting out, the little guy is fighting back.

And perhaps none so effectively as the guys at A talented team of seven men brings to life some of the best urban horror out there today. Sure, there are a couple that definitely lean in the cheesy direction and they do throw in a screamer or two, but for ambient, creeping dread, you’ll find few groups who do it better. The 3-15 minute movies are an ideal format that allows the Fewdio folks to explore dozens of different ideas. Check out their website.

Here’s a sample of what you might find. Click to visit their youtube channel!

Halloween Post Part 2: Videos and Vlogs

1) The Ten Steps
This short film manages to pack a lot of creepiness into it’s less-than-ten-minute runtime. An eerie atmosphere, a couple jump scares and a finale sure to send chills down your spine, it’s a great straightforward piece that reminds of some of the best Creepypasta out there.

2) Number two is a short called No Through Road, detailing an ill-fated drive through the English countryside. You can watch it right here…

3) A documentary style piece, Metalosis Maligna is a creepy look at a fictional ailment suffered by those whose bodies react poorly with their metal implants…

4) The Cat with Hands might seem cute at first, but within a few minutes, this brilliant animated piece takes a turn for the terrifying.

5) NIN fans might recall this next one. A quick clip from the trailer from the Year Zero launch manages to creep you out just by being so utterly strange…

6) And finally, here’s a blog/vlog that seems to be building into some kind of ARG (Alternate reality game a la Year Zero above] or at least a strange and mysterious little story. It’s called Manifestations and it details the strange happenings in a man’s home as he tries to observe a paranormal entity he dubs The Watcher.

Countdown to Halloween Part One: Stories

When I was a kid, I used to read scary stories all the time or beg them of my friends as we all sat around at a sleepover. There was something about the feeling of cold running down my spine and the idea that the world was more strange and fascinating than it seemed. As time went on, I forgot about the thrill of a good scary story, replaced with more grown-up novels and horror movies when I wanted a scare.

But in the past little while, I’ve rediscovered my love for good horror fiction both online and in printed form and I’ve decided to share some of it here.

Online Horror Fiction

The Dionaea House
Easily my favourite piece of horror fiction online, the Dionaea house was written as a viral pitch for a screenplay by Eric Heisserer. It’s told through blogs, text messages and emails and is one of the creepiest stories around. Like Paranormal Activity, which I reviewed here, even if the Dionaea House doesn’t scare you, the storytelling skills of its talented author are sure to impress.

Ichor Falls
Now collected in a book you can purchase on the website, Ichor Falls is a multi-author anthology that collects the lore of a fictional town called Ichor Falls. The stories span the town’s entire history, from its founding to the tragic deaths of thousands from chemical-induced cancer during the “Ethylor Summer” and beyond, the tales are brilliantly crafted and sure to suck you in.
Okay, so it doesn’t sound scary. The name was derived from ‘copypasta’, a term for words or pictures that are copied and pasted across the internet. This website collects a ton of stories written by a variety of authors and posts them for your perusal: as with most user-generated content, the site’s hit or miss. But when it hits, it hits hard.

Ted’s Caving Page
In 2001, a man named Ted followed his passion for caving into a deep, dark hole he dubbed Floyd’s Tomb. Accompanied by a friend, he explored the darkness until things began to go wrong and the world he knew became different. This website is Ted’s attempt to tell the world what he saw.

And for those looking for something they can take with them, here are a pair of books  you can grab if you’re looking for a scare.

House of Leaves
Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves tells a trio of stories at once, weaving together the narratives into an enthralling and often unsettling read. Though I will admit that I grew weary of the narrator, Johnny Truant, the book-within-a-book, The Navidson Record, makes it well worth the read.

999: Twenty-nine Original Tales of Horror and Suspense
A solid collection of stories about everything from ghosts to zombies. Like any anthology, it has its weaker pieces, but it’s definitely a great read and there are more than enough chilling tales to keep any horror fan reading.

Geeking out on Twitter!

Geeking out on Twitter!

If you follow the latest in internet trends, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Twitter and you might just have one of your own. Essentially, Twitter is social networking and blogging filtered down to its purest form: every update you make or read must be 140 characters or less in length and answer the question “What are you doing?”

It might not sound like much right now, but it’s big! So big, in fact, that it’s caught the attention of some very noteworthy people–some of them very popular in the world of Geekery (and beyond!) Now, we at CMDStore are already on Twitter (follow our ‘Tweets’ at for updates), but here’s a list of some other Twitters you might want to check out to get your 140-character doses of sci-fi, superheroes, film and TV and more!

Stephen Fry might be familiar to fans of British comedy or British actors in general, but he’s also an absolutely massive techno-geek who was an early joiner to Twitter and updates frequently from both his iPhone and laptop about the latest technology, his incredible world travels and…everything else you could imagine! He updates all the time and is always a treat to read. Find him at

– Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Dwight Shrute might not be the spokesperson the geek community wants, but the actor who plays him on NBC’s The Office is nevertheless beloved by fans and you can find him on twitter right here

– Mythbusters fan? If you’ve enjoyed watching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman go to great lengths (explosions, deep-sea dives, firewalking, vodka-making, partying with a ninja, trying to get a duck’s quack to echo, racing, filling a car with dead pigs…to name a few) to bust myths on their popular Discovery TV Show, you might want to check out Adam Savage’s Twitter, appropriately named “Don’t try this”.

– Star Trek: The Next Generation brought new popularity to the waning Star Trek franchise and created a fanbase so large, no one could have foreseen its popularity or its scope. And now three of its stars are tweeting! You can find Brent Spiner (Data), LeVar Burton (Geordie La Forge–or the host of Reading Rainbow!) and Wil Wheaton (the much-maligned Wesley Crusher) all updating regularly about their lives and all things related to new projects. Wheaton also has a lot to say about D&D, video games and books/film he recommends.

Greg Grunberg is a name familiar to fans of NBC’s Heroes, where he plays Matt Parkman, a police officer with the power to read minds. Like most, he tweets about everything, but Heroes viewers will be especially pleased with the exclusive behind-the-scenes content and spoiler-hinting to be found by keeping up with the actor.

– No stranger to internet forums and often a surprisingly strong presence in even the smallest fan circles, Warren Ellis is also Tweeting! The comic book writer generally updates about his days, but you can bet there are some great recommendations and some up-to-date information on future projects from the writer of Transmetropolitan, Jack Cross, Doktor Sleepless and more!

– Fans of Joss Whedon’s supehero/sci-fi musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog were re-introduced to Felicia Day (after some other Whedon appearances!) when she starred as love interest, Penny. But she was already big in the geek community as part of World of Warcraft’s The Guild and her reviews of novels, film and television. Definitely worth checking out, she shows that some of the biggest geeks out there today are girls.

– Finally, something a little different. For fans of fantasy, sci-fi and horror (and especially the combination of two or more of those!), look no further than Creepypasta, a Twitter that will keep you up to date on all kinds of spooky media, from film and television to the internet horror microfiction that bears its name!

Keep on tweetin’!