Unimax’s RED FACTION Figure Collection

At about 4 inches tall, these RED FACTION figures are a great-looking new release from Unimax:

Darius Mason, Hale and Winters are joined by a Marauder Officer, Creeper and Ravager in this 6-figure set! The unique character designs are captures brilliantly, the articulation is fantastic and the attention to detail is sure to impress. The characters come with game-accurate accessories and look fantastic on-display.

Coming Soon: RED FACTION Figures!

If you’re a fan of any of the RED FACTION games, then these figures are probably a long overdue tribute to a franchise that’s been around for over a decade, now. Check these out!

The first series of 4” figures can be purchased individually or as a complete set for anyone looking to stage some pretty awesome toyshelf battles. You’ll find fully-articulated renderings of Darius, Hale, Winters and a Marauder Officer, Creeper and Ravager. They look great and feature some details and accessories all the more impressive for the size. If you enjoyed the best-selling game, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these! Pre-order now and they ship out in December!

DC Universe Classic Series 16

The upcoming 16th series of the DC Universe Classics figures is sure to be a hit when it at last arrives, but you can already pre-order this one to make sure you get your hands on the figures, whether individually or as a full set.

This collection includes two Robins (one a variant), Knightfall Batman, Jonah Hex, Mercury, Riddler (in the classic jumpsuit!) and The Creeper. Each one is 6 inches tall, looks absolutely brilliant and faithful to the character and, best of all, comes with a piece of the Series 16 Build-a-Figure, the Batman villain (last seen in the Secret Six) BANE.

This Mattel figure collection doesn’t have an official release date yet, but you can be sure that the moment we know, we’ll update. And don’t worry: you can still pre-order and no matter when these guys arrive, we’ll ship ’em right out!