Cracked’s 8 Actors Who Look Exactly The Same on Every Movie Poster examines a set of eight actors whose movie posters show certain…trends. Here’s an example

Eddie Murphy has this thing he can do with his eyebrow that he wants you to check out. It first showed up on the poster for Beverly Hills Cop.

But recently, he seems to be using his eyebrow to express disbelief at the circumstances of his career, since he only seems to break it out for the posters of his absolute worst movies.

And here’s their recap:

For more, including Tom Cruise, Jet Li and Will Smith, check out the complete article!

Killing Time Online: A 5-Page Round-up

It happens to everyone: you’re sitting on the internet and you’re bored out of your tree. Maybe you’re at work, maybe you’re in class, maybe you have nothing better to do.

Or, more likely, you have a lot of things to do and you’re trying to find something online that’ll help you procrastinate even more. Either way, here are five pages with no particular connection and in no particular order that might help you get through the mind-numbing hours ahead!

Everyone and their grandmother has Facebook nowadays, it seems, and as a result, we’ve been subjected to the innermost and outermost thoughts and feelings of people we would otherwise have forgotten even existed. The folks at Lamebook know this and they encourage you to put to good use all those absurd or irritating status updates: send ’em to the site to be displayed for all visitors. It’s a hilarious collection of the very worst that social networking has to offer and provides pages and pages of entertainment.

A tumblr page for anyone who has ever worked in IT or graphic design or…well, anything, really, and has been forced to deal with clients whose requests or demands range from the strange to the outright insane. It’s a great collection to leaf through when you’re sitting at a desk wondering who out there has it worse than you.

When I’m looking for a fun distraction, I immediately become the world’s biggest sucker for lists. The 12 Most Insane Things You Can Buy on the Internet? 7 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Works of Art? 6 Insanely Awesome Things The 1900s Thought We’d Have by Now? The 6 Most Badass Robots (Invented Before Electricity)? I am so there. And you should be, too!

I’ve already posted here about Sporcle, but it can only help to reiterate just how awesome this website truly is. Featuring a quiz for every area of interest or knowledge, killing time has never been so easy–or informative. You’ll find yourself remembering things you didn’t even think you knew, for better or for worse, and realizing that you might just be smart enough to start that essay you’re avoiding.

Without the stolen content or immature scribblings of Perez Hilton, the cloying sweetness of UsMagazine or the sleaziness of TMZ, OhNoTheyDidn’t (ONTD) is celebrity gossip for the people by the people. Hosted on Livejournal, their motto is “the celebrities are disposable, the content is priceless” and a few reads through their hilarious comment pages confirms it. The best entertainment news on the web.

Sideshow’s Storm Shadow Figure and Some Less Impressive Ninjas

Sideshow’s impressive work on all of their figures generally impresses, but sometimes they have works that seem to stand out in a crowd and this Storm Shadow figure is surely among them. Sideshow always shines when their figures’ elaborate outfits are the type that cover all the joints, which adds a level of realism difficult to attain when your character’s elbows have obvious plastic pegs. He stands 12 inches all told and boasts the following features:

* Fully articulated Prometheus male body with 30+ points of articulation
* Storm Shadow masked portrait
* Storm Shadow unmasked portrait
* Sashes with pockets
* Forearm Bracers
* Leg wraps
* Quiver
* Bow
* Arrows
* Ninja stars
* Long sword with scabbard
* Short sword with scabbard
* Nine interchangeable hands
* 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo

Of course, with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes as the resident ninjas over in the world of G.I. Joe, one wonders when we’re going to find ourselves either rallying behind or at the mercy of some actual ninjas. Judging from an article over at, though, it’s going to be a while yet. Here’s an excerpt from their article “8 Amazing Stories of Ninja Failure”.

8. The Connecticut Ninja

The ninja is a creature of stealth and subtlety; he is a shadow that lives; a whisper in the night; a… guy screaming on a street corner and waving nunchucks around? A man in Vernon, Connecticut was arrested for loudly and repeatedly threatening to “beat up” Senator Joe Liebermann while dressed entirely in a black ninja outfit and brandishing a pair of nunchucks… at 11 o’clock in the morning.

What They Did Right:

Liebermann is an appropriate ninja target. He’s a famous turncoat–rich and reviled by the local peasants–but the appropriate ninja approach would be to sneak into his house, or ambush his caravan, or… send him nasty glances at a party and tell people his shoes look fat, or pretty much anything besides standing on a street corner at lunchtime and hollering about beating him up.

What They Did Wrong:

The black outfit is a staple of the ninja mythos: It conceals the ninja, making him one with the night. It is beautifully simple camouflage. However, its stealthy nature does not function at certain times . Those times are:

A. In Connecticut
B. 11 o’clock in the morning.
C. While screaming.

Also, police report that the subject was “belligerent and furious” until they pulled out bean bag guns and tasers, at which point the ninja in question “became polite and cooperative.” Man, if you’re just a ninja so long as nobody launches a hacky-sack into your junk at 200-mph, then you, sir, are no ninja.

Read the rest here.