Montreal to host Mini Comiccon in December

To mark the halfway point after one Montreal Comiccon and the next one, the wonderful folks who the yearly toy and fan spectacle put together the Mini Comiccon for one day during the winter. The Montreal con in particular is known for uniquely bridging the gap between the American pop-culture market and the European bande dessinée art form. Now fans have more opportunities to cosplay, purchase the comic-related stuff on their holiday lists and mingle with like-minded people!

The 2014 Mini Comiccon will be held at Montreal’s Palais de congrès on December 7 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission for adults is $5, or free for children 12 and under. It’ll be well worth the deal to see the special guests, which will include Canadian cosplayer and glamour model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais and American comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver, known for his work on titles like Green Lantern and The Flash: Rebirth.



Like “Mini-Comiccon de Montréal” on Facebook for more information leading up to the event!

Five types of cosplayers you’ll meet

Here at CmdStore, we’ve experienced our fair share of conventions and toy shows. One thing we have learned through our travels is that, although all cosplayers deserve no less than two cookies and one gold star for dressing outlandishly in public, not all cosplayers are created equal. Convention season is upon us, and for this purpose, we have created a handy, quasi-anthropological guide to navigating the social smorgasbord of cosplaying.

(And for the record, to everyone who has had the guts to appear in public and/or at a convention in a costume that they either created or put thought and effort into — we salute you. And love you.)

1. The one who gets really, really into character. Really.

For some few, proud and bold cosplayers, merely dressing as a character they identify with is simply not enough. No, they must be the character for as long as they are wearing the costume to go along with it. We were at the Montreal con recently, and one guy who stuck out was Ace Ventura. And by that, we mean that he was Ace Ventura. As in, he appropriated the voice, lingo, body language, gait and small mannerisms of Jim Carrey in the movie. It was absolutely otherworldly… and a little bit frightening in its accuracy. Nonetheless, these are the wonderful souls who truly make cosplay a performance art.

2. The one who looks uncomfortable in their “sexy” costume.



When choosing to go as a “mainstream” character to your favorite con, one must take care to toe the line between Halloween costume and con-appropriate cosplay, or else risk to come off weirdly cheesy as our Power-Ranger gals above. (Maybe it’s just the poses.) Equally a no-no is picking a bold costume, but not picking the right frame of mind to go along with it. Are you rocking a dominatrix-esque Catwoman suit that you hand-stitched? Good for you! Rock that thing like it was made for you (which it was). Donning skintight tighty-whities to be an out-there Superman? Awesome, man. Strut with pride and avoid the temptation to shrink into your shell! That being said, a special tip of the hat goes to any dude or dudette who attempts such a gutsy costume. Props. We all wish we had your courage.

3. The one who is just plain skeevy.

Unfortunately, with every person who attempts to proudly rock a costume they feel great in, there are some who try to exploit it. They’re known in popular lexicon as “the cosplay creep”. You’ve seen them — maybe they’re dressed up, maybe they’re not. But either way, maybe they’re making the rounds at the con only taking photos of provocative costumes, and trying to do so without asking first in some cases. Maybe they’re crossing the boundaries of personal space without being invited. Or maybe they’re making inappropriate comments and advances towards cosplayers, or — egads — all of the above. Not cool. Although the majority of these downers are generally dudes, people of all gender identities and orientations can suffocate the atmosphere of fun and make others uncomfortable. Don’t be that guy/girl/person! People might be dressed up as fictional characters, but they still deserve to be treated as people.



4. The one whose costume is painfully DIY, but they get an A for effort anyways.



I feel like a little part in all of us can identify with this poor, valiant soul pictured above. Hey, let’s give him some leeway here — maybe he initially tried to be the Diablo Lord of Terror and then frustratedly collapsed in a heap of brown and dark burgundy papier-mâché, angrily realizing that his costume was too ambitious. Maybe he then proceeded to power through all of the red wine he was saving for a dinner party next weekend in a frenzied fury. Maybe afterwards he decided to pore through his Iron Man comics in an attempt to soothe his rage. And then maybe, just maybe, he saw some red scrap fabric, some packing tape and an opportunity. One can never assume, just objectively speculate. Good try, man. Good try.

5. The one who has awesome parents.



That’s right — the kids. Those adorable, mini-size, human figurines that are dressed as either something they love or something their parents do — or, if the stars align, a blend of both! Toddling around the con with a parent or guardian or more in tow, and maybe alongside a pal or sibling, they’re simply irresistible. Ask parents before you snap photos, of course, but if a photographic opportunity arises, you have to take it. They serve as inspiration for our own family units and remind us of the spirit and essence of conventions themselves — they’re just fun.

Happy con-ing, everybody!

Ottawa Pop Expo 2013

Just got back from Ottawa….here are some pics:


From QMX comes this awesome replica of a classic Star Trek communicator, based on its look in Star Trek : The Next Generation. Crafted from one of the only remaining sets of original molds (itself painstakingly restored in-house), it’s also painted based on an original screen-used badge and rendered in gold- and silver-finished metal. Best of all, it uses strong, short-field magnets to stick on, meaning you don’t have to put any holes in your screen-accurate outfit!


From Diamond Select, here’s an awesome addition to your Klingon cosplay: a Klingon Disruptor! This is from the company that brought you screen-accurate phasers, tricorder and communicators, so you know it’s going to be rad.

A legendary weapon from the Klingon Empire, its electronic lights and sounds will be the perfect complement to your costume– or just make a great conversation piece for your display case!

Star Trek: Communicator and Tricorder Combo

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you can now get your hands on this combo pack featuring both the classic Communicator and Tricorder, meaning that you’ll be ready for anything next time you’re exploring an unknown planet’s treacherous surface.

Especially useful for cosplayers who need a little extra help in the accessory department, the designs are based on the original series and both the communicator and the tricorder feature authentic lights and sounds.

Superman’s Hospital Heroes Tour

Dustin Dorough as Superman

Sending Superman on tour to inspire hope in those who need it the most.  Please read and donate if you can….below is some info from his site.

What is Hospital Heroes?

Hospital Heroes is an exciting new charitable endeavor in which I, Dustin Dorough, will be hitting the road to visit at least one children’s hospital in every one of the 48 continental United States and two Canadian provinces while wearing my movie quality Superman uniform.

During these visits, the children will receive:

  • An autographed 8×10 picture of Superman (Thanks to Superhero Photography by Adam Jay )
  • A “Certificate of Heroism” in recognition for the bravery exhibited in their personal struggles and all those that they have been able to inspire with their strength in fighting their illnesses.
  • A chat with the “real” Superman, photo opportunities, etc. I will be 100% in character the entire time.
  • The most important thing a hero can give: Hope.

Who is Dustin Dorough?

I’m a 25 year old Superman fan, actor, costumer and general do-gooder. I’ve been active in the costuming community since 2007, though I was born on Halloween, so I’ve been wearing costumes most of my life. I’m just a comic nerd who wants to share the joy that my heroes brought to me as a child with a younger generation. When I’m not wearing spandex, you can find me working as an emcee for the Spartan Race series (

Where is the money going?

15,000 miles will be around 652 gallons of fuel in my 2009 Dodge Caliber, which gets around 23 miles per gallon. Estimating around $3.75 per gallon, that brings us to around $2500. I’ve alotted myself $25 per day for food, though I’m trying to get by on less. For a trip that is likely to be 100 days, that’s another $2500. The base costs of the materials to be given to the children is $1000. The extra $500 is to cover the Indiegogo and PayPal fees.

I’m asking for the bare minimum cost to cover the expenses of food, fuel and materials to give away to the children. Unfortunately, a 15,000 mile road trip can get expensive, especially when over the course of three months. To save money, I am willing to sleep in my car nightly and shower using my nationwide LA Fitness membership. If I were to stay in a cheap motel ($40) each night, it would cost nearly $4000 for lodging alone. Though, hopefully I will be able to borrow the sofas of some nice people along the way. If the fundraising exceeds expectations, I will stay in an inexpensive hotel from time to time.

If I DON’T meet the fundraising goal, then the trip will just have to be shorter. I’m visiting as many children’s hospitals as I can with however much I’m able to raise, no matter how long or short the journey may be.

Why are you doing this?

I’m going on this trip to brighten the lives of thousands of children who are in such desperate need of hope. I feel that the most important duty of any superhero is not so much saving people directly, but rather in inspiring them to save themselves.

The character of Superman has had a profound impact on my life and the way I view the world. He’s a man with the power to rule the world, but instead chooses to serve it. He lost his home planet, but chooses to protect ours. He has every reason to be angry, but he lives to inspire others with the sheer power of hope. I feel like Superman is exactly what these kids need when dealing with such intense struggles of their own.

I also often see individuals who truly wish to do great things for others in the most selfless of ways, but unfortunately we live in a world where kindness is immediately cause for ridicule. Far too often do I see someone with good intentions hold back for fear of embarrassment. As part of this tour, I want to help inspire all those who hear of it to remind them that old-fashioned kindness still has a place in the modern world. I want to remind them that it’s still okay to be a good person.

How can I help?

Monetary donations are certainly appreciated, but I do fully understand that times are tough for a lot of people and they might not be able to give as freely as they would like to.

I will be setting up a P.O. Box next week so that I will be able to receive tangible donations as well. Useful things would be gift cards you hadn’t planned on using, gas cards, etc. You can also just send me a letter if you wish.

You can find a list of other ways to help on my Facebook page here:

Right now, the most important thing is getting the word out and sharing this Indiegogo page with as many people as you can. The more traffic this site gets, the more likely that I will be able to go on this journey to help these kids.


Portal fans spend years being a passionate but largely-ignored group when it came to merchandising. It was a small game, but it made big waves and spawned more catch phrases than toys. Fortunately, the considerably more mainstream success of Portal 2 has meant that the collectibles are rolling out. Here are FOUR you can look forward to, shipping in October. The rest (a sentry turret and a light-up Wheatley) are already available in the Portal Section.

PORTAL SOCKS are the best way to make your cosplay an every day thing– or just express your Portal love when you’re shoeless. Featuring a pattern based on the sweet Long Fall boots, they’re a great addition to any wardrobe.

This isn’t the most exciting item, but the most useful, I think, if you grab the last one on this list.

No more hunting for the perfect jumpsuit to adjust and alter for your costume– now, you can get the real deal right from Valve. Expect to see a lot of these at Cons for the next couple years.

And complete the look with this incredible, game-accurate, Atlas version of the Aperture Science portal gun. Featuring sound effects and limited to 5000 pieces, this is probably among the most sought-after Portal items yet.

Thank you Otakuthon 2012

It was another great event at the Palais des Congres Convention Center in Montreal…Thank you, Otakuthon.  We had 4 booths filled with tons of goodies for the customers.  We had our Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles and we are happy.  If you didn’t make it to the show, you better be there next year.