This year, the New York Comic Con attracted 77,000 people, up a whole 10,000 from the 2008 show. On Saturday, it was actually sold out and–trust me–the place was absolutely packed with people. And it didn’t help that there was a Travel Show taking up the other half of the building, so that any legroom NYCC needed wasn’t available. So while it was a little hot and sticky as we rubbed shoulders (and the rest of our bodies) with Batmen, Hellboys, Rorschachs, Poison Ivies and more Jedis than you can shake a stick at, a good time was definitely had by all. There were premieres and panels, a ton of comic books for sale, action figures for sale and for show, interactive displays, videogames (including the hugely-anticipated-by-me DCU Online) and a really impressive talent list over in Artists’ Alley.

It was awesome.

For a better sense of things, and a better look at the convention than my paltry words can easily provide, here are some pictures…

And if the still photos aren’t enough, check out Rachel Maddow’s February 10th report on the convention, located right here: Click me!