Justice League Batman is next up in black-and-white statue series

Renowned for his work on Marvel’s Captain Marvel and DC’s Green Lantern series, Brazilian artist Ivan Reis is in a class all his own. And now, with this exclusive collaboration between Reis and sculptor Mat Brouillard, you can own the Dark Knight himself for display among your other DC collectibles.

This stunning statue is crafted according to the aesthetic of the hugely popular comic-book series Justice League. Manufactured as a limited run of 5,200 to honor the quintessential New 52, this six-inch, black-and-white offering isn’t one to sleep on. Batman is encroached upon a fully functional display stand, with one foot off of the base and one foot on to create a “mid-movement” look. Harness the power of Gotham City’s hero now!

Who needs color, anyways?

Who needs color, anyways?

The Punisher — Diamond Toys Marvel Select exclusive!

The famed Marvel Comics antihero is finally getting the Diamond Toys/Marvel Select treatment. First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man comic book series in 1974, he’s come to be another recognizable and nostalgia-inducing member of the Marvel empire. With his heated vendetta against the mob after his wife and children were killed via mob violence in New York City, coercion and torture are just two of the dastardly tools he uses to enact justice.

At eight inches tall, he’s just the right size to pose alongside your other Marvel Select collectibles. All the while, his black-and-white tee depicting the skull of death will remain unmistakable beside them. Add this classic character to your collection today!

Big Punisher.

Big Punisher.

Kotobukiya’s Wonder Woman statue stuns and awes

When it comes to choosing the next addition to your collection, who better to start the new year off with than the island of Themyscira’s reigning deity? Next in the Kotobukiya and DC collaboration that has spawned the release of three DC Comics heavyweights in full-size, ArtFX form is the inimitable Wonder Woman. The badass lady member of DC’s Trinity, Princess Diana has crushed foes and protected universes since her comic-book debut in 1941. What’s stunning about this statue is how regal the Amazon warrior looks in this rendering imagined by Jim Lee.

Wonder Woman is just under 12 inches tall here and is poised in mid-stride, journeying forward with ease and purpose, donning her classic look in the form of a red and gold bodice with an eagle design, a starry blue skirt and red-and-white boots. Accessorized by all of her iconic accoutrements, like her galactic tiara, bracelets and epic Lasso of Truth, the figurative icing on the cake of this figure is her long, flowing cape.

Pose her on the included base with a logo, and remember that she’s also the final piece in an unofficial Trinity series with the Superman for Tomorrow and Batman Black Costume ArtFX statues, all of which were sculpted by the legendary artist Kouei Matsumoto.

The eighth Wonder of the world.

The eighth Wonder of the world.

High Moon Studios and Marvel announce Deadpool Video Game

Deadpool Video Game

Unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, the video game trailer featuring everyone’s favorite insane assassin, Deadpool. The trailer starts off with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and talking to himself before switching to the character doing what he does best: killing people. The game seems as over-the-top as one would expect it to be, with the superhero yelling out catchphrases like ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Pew Pew’ while firing his pistols.  He even says ‘Sh*t’ in the trailer.

The game seems very in line with the comics and has the extraordinarily talented Nolan North voicing Deadpool, as he has in a handful of other games and animated movies the character has appeared in. The game looks to be a third person action/shooter, with a very distinct comic-book style to it. If you’re a fan of Deadpool (and who isn’t), this title should definitely be on your radar.

Little else is known about Deadpool aside from what’s shown in the trailer.

Marvel Select Figure Deadpool


How do you get from this…

to THIS?

The answer is simple: you head down to The Covered Blog and check out a ton of remixed, reinterpreted comic book covers from every era! Some old covers have been given a modern styling and some of the newer ones get the retro treatment (see this great rendering of Milk and Cheese). It’s a great blog with amazing contributors and well worth the visit!

KICK ASS Figures from Mezco + The Reviews are in!

Kick Ass and Hit Girl are the first KICK ASS figures available for pre-order over at CmdStore.com. Shipping in September, they’re awesome renderings of the film’s leads and stand about 6 inches tall and feature film-accurate weapons.

The movie, based on Mark Millar’s graphic novel, has been trickling into theatres slowly, but will see a wide release on April 16th. Already there are some review coming in, so here’s a look at what the Sydney Morning Herald has to say:

SHOOT the well-worn conventions of your standard superhero movie through the prism of media-savvy geek culture and you get Kick-Ass, an extremely funny, extremely violent, gloriously foul-mouthed and decidedly adult comic-book adventure that offers the most refreshing reboot of the genre since 2008’s Hancock.

Directed with verve and frictionless pace by Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Layer Cake), the film is a jokey thrill ride of cartoonish excess as we follow the loopy trajectory of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a typical teen nerd who decides to make up for his shortcomings by becoming a superhero.

His initial attempt doesn’t go so well and lands him in traction where selective nerve damage raises his pain threshold to near-superhero levels and metal plates reinforce his fractured skeleton. Being a dweeb, he, of course, notes the Wolverine parallel half a second before we do, though thankfully the film’s frequent riffs on superhero lore never ferment into parody.

On his next crime-fighting venture, Dave, dressed in a self-designed suit, dispatches a gang with the aid of his new found ”powers”. The event is captured on a mobile phone, is promptly uploaded to YouTube and Kick-Ass is born.

Thing is, the city already has two self-appointed crime fighters: Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his tweenage daughter Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz in a fabulous film-stealing performance). He’s an ex-cop eager to bring order to the city that claimed his wife. She’s a boisterous kid who enjoys killing bad guys.

It’s when Kick-Ass gets in over his head while dealing with a stumblebum mobster (Mark Strong) and his morally conflicted son (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) that the daddy-daughter duo enter the fray, with Hit-Girl relishing the opportunity to slice, dice and shoot her way through the film’s villains.

All too predictably, a low-rent controversy has been stirred up over the film’s MA15+ rating, which some groups think is too mild for a film that features a tween girl shooting, killing and saying the C-word. The fear is that the classification, which allows kids under 15 to see the film with adults, potentially exposes the film to children.

What nanny-state nonsense. The rating highlights the film’s ”strong violence, coarse language and sexual references” and unambiguously signals that Kick-Ass is not suitable for children. The suggestion that only a hard R rating can make that clear sadly highlights the need for people to take full responsibility for what their kids see.