McFarlane’s NFL LEGENDS FIGURES: Series 6 Arrives!

The sixth series of McFarlane’s NFL Legends figures have now arrived and are available here! Take a look at the collection right here:

Snaggable as individual figures or as a complete set, you can get Jerome Bettis, Dick Butkus, Tony Dorset, Phil Simms, Marcus Allen and Steve Young and several of their variants. They join McFarlane’s brilliantly sculpted collection of sports figures and feature Collector Level items that will appeal to those more serious about their figure-acquisition. Here’s the info!

ALL-STAR SIMMS: White Jersey 50-100
GOLD BETTIS: White Jersey 250-500
SILVER CUNNINGHAM: Purple Jersey 500-1000
SILVER YOUNG: Buccaneers 500-1000
SILVER ALLEN: White Jersey 500-1000
BRONZE RIGGINS: Green Jersey 1000-3000
BRONZE MOON: Purple Jersey 1000-3000
BRONZE DORSETT: Royal Blue Jersey 1000-3000
BRONZE BUTKUS: White Jersey 1000-3000

Featured Figures: DC Universe Series 11 & 12

The DC Universe line seems the counterpoint to the Marvel Legends or Marvel Select collections. A collection of 6-inch figures of characters from the company’s storied history, it pleases those whose tastes run mainstream as well as the kind of die-hard fans seeking out a more obscure hero or villain. The line’s been coming fast and furious, rare for any toy company, but while we wait hopefully and optimistically for a thirteenth series, we’re pleased to say we’ve got both eleven and twelve. Here’s a run-down of what you can expect from each.

Like the Marvel Legends, the DCU collection has gone with the build-a-figure angle, packaging each individual 6-inch toy with single piece of a much larger figure. For series 11, it’s the tough-as-nails, swine-faced Green Lantern trainer Kilowog, who most recently featured in the DC event, Blackest Night. The Green Lantern drill sergeant has actually been around since 1986, but he’s a character who hasn’t exactly gotten his due and that makes it all the better that this line includes him. As for the figures themselves, though, you’ll find John Stewart’s Green Lantern, The Shark, Cyborg Superman, Steppenwolf (and variant), Katma Tui, All-Star Flash, The Question, Deadman (and variant), a short-haired Superman and grey and black Batman. A couple of those are still pre-orders, but check ’em out right here in our DCU section.

Unlike Kilowog, Darkseid needs little introduction. One of the most significant villains in the DC Universe, it is only fitting that his massive size see him as the build-a-figure for the twelfth series. The supervillain is here composed of parts sealed with Dr. Mid-Nite, Metal Men’s Iron, Copperhead, Desaad, Eclipso, Mary Batson, Spectre and Power Girl. A varied line, it’s definitely one that caters primarily to the old-school fans, but everything about the design is slick and modern. Definitely worth a look.

And finally, we’ve also got a trio of figures that super-sizes the DCU collection: Giants of Justice (see bottom). The first three in this new off-shoot of the brand are The Flash, Batman and Killer Croc.