Ride around in style with the G.I. Joe Desert Duel Vehicles box set

When you think of classic heroes, it’s only natural that G.I. Joe comes to mind. He’s been fighting bad guys and enacting justice for over 50 years now, which we think is pretty impressive. We’re proud to offer this G.I. Joe Desert Duel Vehicles Box Set, a definite must-have for the quintessential G.I. Joe collector. Re-create combat scenes with the help of vehicular power as G.I. Joe and Cobra hash it out in battle of good versus evil.

The Cobra Basilisk and G.I. Joe F.O.E. Striker are driven by the Cobra Elite Horseman and Philip “Chuckles” Provost, a true treat for any real Joe fan. A rotating missile launcher and torpedoes are just two of the meticulously detailed features on the Basilisk and Striker. Don’t miss out on this fantastic set.

Yo Joe!

Yo Joe!


Hey, have you seen G.I. Joe: Retaliation? No? Well guess what: It’s ACTUALLY GOOD. After the mess of the first film, it’s hard to believe, but they’ve managed to make a movie that’s a heck of a lot of fun and shows some real love for the canon. We’ll admit it’s not the best -written or smartest movie, but if you don’t have a good time watching this, you might not have a pulse.


The Sidesshow Exclusive BLACK DRAGON NINJA is an amazing new 12” figure that G.I. JOE fans should definitely give this one a shot. It features hand-painting, an exclusive scarred portrait, sculpted armor and an alternate mask.

The Black Dragon Ninja Sixth Scale Figure also features:

Articulated Prometheus 1.1 body with over 30 points of articulation
Hand-painted portrait with sculpted fabric style mask
Fabric vest with COBRA logo
Fabric undershirt
Fabric pants
Fabric belt
Fabric forearm and shin bracers with wraps
Detailed sculpted hands,forearm and shin armor
Fabric sash with pockets
Fabric satchel
Fabric hood
Fabric neck wrap
Sculpted/fabric headband with COBRA logo
One (1) pair standing Tabi boot
One (1) pair action Tabi boot
Eleven (11) Interchangeable hands for alternate display options
Tanto knife with scabbard
Nodachi sword with scabbard
Six (6) Hira shuriken
AK-74SU assault rifle w/ parastock and pad
Five (5) waffle magazines
AK silencer
AK sight
Waist support extendable figure stand with COBRA stand
Sideshow Exclusive: Additional hand painted scarred portrait with sculpted armor style mask for alternate display

Masters of the Universe: KOBRA KHAN

KOBRA KHAN is the latest addition to the growing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe collection. Grim and green, the snake-headed warrior is as pumped up and over-muscled as…well, everyone else in the action figure line. And as scantily-clad! Naturally, he also comes with some weapons and accessories to improve the experience and allow for that awesome diorama you know you want to make.

GI JOE: 2012, Wave 1

Shipping later this month, Lifeline, Law & Order, Airtight, Sci-Fi and Zombie Viper are the fourth wave of the 2012 line of 3.75-inch G.I. Joe action figures. They come with weapons and accessories and feature some great articulation. If you’re looking to stage some epic adventures from the G.I. Joe Universe, then be sure to snag these guys individually or as a set!

G.I. JOE: The Pursuit of Cobra – 2012 Wave 2

Firefly (Renegades Version)
Snake Eyes (Renegades Version)
Duke (Renegades Version)
Cobra Commander (Renegades Version)

Those are the four new figures available in the 2012 Wave 2 selection of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra. All based on Renegades, they have a unique styling that’s sure to appeal to collectors and fans. They join he likes of Sergeant Stalker, Iron Grenadier, Rock Viper and Temple Guardian Snake Eyes in the growing collection of awesome 3.75-inch renderings.

Pre-Order: Sideshow and G.I. Joe’s ZARTAN

Master of disguise and mercenary ZARTAN has arrived as a 12-inch figure from Sideshow. A scourge of both the comic and the animated series, it’s possible that this is his awesomest incarnation yet, looking both realistic and over-the-top bad-ass as he wields a deadly crossbow and peers out from his signature black makeup.

Of course, since it’s Sideshow, you can very much expect to find a host of awesome features when this guy ships out in the first quarter of 2012. Check out the list and then get pre-ordering!

* Articulated Prometheus 1.2 body with over 30 points of articulation
* Newly developed and sculpted arms and neck
* Highly detailed and hand painted Zartan portrait
* Fabric Hooded Jacket
* Fabric Shirt
* Fabric Pants
* Detailed and sculpted Chest Armor and layered Shoulder Armor
* Fabric Belt with sculpted Skull Buckle
* Fabric Magazine Pouch/Holster Belt
* Four (4) Belt Magazine Pouches
* Drop-Leg Holster
* Laser Pistol
* Fabric Shoulder Bag
* One (1) pair Wrist Gauntlets
* One (1) pair gloved fists
* One (1) right gloved bow hand
* One (1) right gloved trigger hand
* One (1) left gloved tight trigger hand
* One (1) right gloved single point hand
* One (1) right gloved double point hand
* One (1) right gloved thumbs up hand
* One (1) pair gloved large C grip hands
* One (1) left gloved small C grip hand
* One (1) right gloved cupped hand
* Two (2) Mines
* Sculpted Mask
* Functioning Back Pack with Mask Storage
* Skinnin’ Knife
* Knife Sheath
* VSS Sniper Rifle
* Long Range Sight
* Red Dot Sight
* Five (5) Rifle Magazine
* Compound Bow
* Five (5) Arrows
* Newly developed sculpted buckle boots with shin armor
* One (1) pair standing bottom buckle boot
* One (1) pair action bottom buckle boot
* 1:6 Scale GI JOE Figure Stand with COBRA logo