New Star Wars Black Series duo: Anakin Skywalker and Clone Trooper

The wildly in-demand Star Wars Black Series marches on and on! In the fourth wave of six-inch figures by Hasbro based on the film franchise, we’re excited to announce the arrivals of Anakin Skywalker #12 (pictured below) and Clone Trooper #14.

Previous Black Series figurines have been praised for their textured body and face sculpts, and these new guys are no exception. It’s clear that a lot of work has been put into the Black Series, and it’s progressively becoming the staple Star Wars collectors’ line. Hasbro has made some excellent figures here. They have been made to celebrate the original Star Wars characters in bigger and better detail, pulling on the heartstrings of adult collectors. Have they gotten to you yet? Own the new Anakin and Clone Trooper for the holidays!

For the ultimate Fanakin.

For the ultimate Fanakin.

Militaries of STAR WARS: 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper

If you’re a Sideshow Star Wars collector, then…well, you’re probably just going to need this.

It’s a member of the 442nd Siege Batallion, which you very likely know all about. A Clone trooper, it’s rendered with all the detail you’ve come to expect from Sideshow–right down to the unique little scuffs and stains on the armor.

Articulated Armored Body with over 30 points of articulation
Detailed Fabric Bodysuit
Highly Detailed Full Body Armor Set
Phase II Helmet
Thirteen (13) Interchangable Hands for Multiple Display Options
One (1) pair standing boot
One (1) pair action boot
BlasTech DC-15A Long Range Blaster Rifle
BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine
Lower support extendable figure stand with Star Wars logo

Commander Gree by SIDESHOW

COMMANDER GREE in his full-camo Clone Trooper uniform holds his binoculars and a cool-looking blaster rifle as a new 12-inch figure from Sideshow Toys. Sideshow’s always building on their incredible Star Wars collection and if you’re a dedicated fan of the franchise, then things are only getting better with each new release.

Naturally, this highly-detailed figure boasts a number of great features, which we’ll list right here:

* Armored Body with Phase II Helmet Portrait
* Unmasked Portrait
* Blastech DC-15A Blaster Rifle
* Blastech DC-17 Pistol
* Blastech DC-15S Blaster
* Macrobinoculars
* Two (2) pairs of switch-out feet (action and standing)
* Generous assortment of switch-out hands

Order now and Commander Gree will be shipped your way in December!


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the brand new 12-inch figures Sideshow has on offer. They represent a couple of the unique supporting characters that add richness to the Star Wars universe. Here’s the list–plus a list of the features and accessories that add all that extra value you’ve come to expect from the folks at Sideshow. All three of these guys have just arrived on our shelves and are in-stock and ready to go!


* Articulated Pro body
* Authentic likeness of Momaw Nadon
* Detailed costume including bodysuit, tunic, and scarf
* Detailed belt with unique buckle
* Rope belt
* Herb pouch
* Bread bag
* Cantina beverage cup
* E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster
* 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo


* Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation
* Bodysuit
* Switch-out portrait
* Fully detailed armor set with helmet
* Fabric skirt with holsters
* Jetpack
* Two (2) sets of feet
* Six (6) sets of hands
* Two (2) Blaster Pistols
* Clone Trooper Carbine Blaster
* Clone Trooper Long Rifle
* 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars Logo


* All new articulated figure body
* Authentic likeness of Gamorrean Guard
* Detailed costume including authentic leather belt and fur elements
* Vibro-ax
* Polearm
* Two (2) sets of switch-out hands

Star Wars Clone Arf Trooper Boil with AT-RT

The figure is based on Clone Trooper Boil’s appearance in the fantastic episode Landing at Point Rain from the second season of The Clone Wars TV show.  ARF Trooper Boil was released packed-in together with an AT-RT vehicle in the Clone Wars Deluxe assortment in late 2010.

Boil is ultra articulated with 14 ball-joints. The 14 joints are in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, the waist, the hip, knees and both ankles.  The only weapon included was a basic Clone Trooper blaster, which fit on either of Boil’s hands.  Boil fits quite well on top of the AT-RT, and can even grab the handles somewhat OK.

The paint application on Boil is well done, and looks pretty cool. The brown camouflage pattern is applied nicely, and the helmet even features Boil’s emblem on the side, which is a nod to Numa, the Twi’lek child from the Clone Wars episode Innocents Of Ryloth from the first season.  This figure was short packed and was only one per case.  It is pretty hard to find at Walmart and Toys R Us.

Star Wars Clone Arf Trooper Boil with AT-RTOrder now

Sideshow’s 12” Emperor Palpatine Figure

A new pre-order has been added to our Sideshow Star Wars collection, which has already included the likes of Darth Vader, Padme Amidala, Lando Calrissian, Ki-Adi-Mundi and many, many more! Welcome the evil Emperor Palpatine.

Based on Ian McDiarmid’s chilling portrayal in the Star Wars franchise, this rendering of the Emperor stands 12 inches tall, features every bit of attention to detail that has made Sideshow the go-to company for high-quality figures and statues. He comes with interchangeable hands, a cane and a Star Wars logo display base and will be shipping in the second quarter of this year.

He’s not the only new addition, though! You can also check out the Coruscant Clone Trooper of the 41st Elite Corps, pre-orderable now and shipping around the same time as the Emperor. If you’re a big fan of that galaxy far, far away, you won’t want to miss out.

Star Wars: New Toys and Old Games!

Two new Star Wars Sideshow figures are headed for our shelves, shipping in the first quarter of 2010 and featuring all the detail and quality you would expect from some of the best action figure designers in the world.

First up is the Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker, featuring a completely accurate costume including shoulder armor and wrist guards, two sets of interchangeable hands, lit and unlit lightsabers and a display base.

The second figure out next year is the Episode 2 Clone Trooper. It features over 30 points of articulation, two different weapons and a perfectly-detailed bodysuit based on the designs in the film.

These two are in addition to the Sideshow San Diego Comic Con Exclusive 2-pack featuring Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (now on sale!) in their stormtrooper disguises. This one ships this month and, like the others, can be pre-ordered already!

And if NEW Star Wars isn’t your thing, here’s a walk down memory lane…

Direct from the Guardian:

It’s almost like LucasArts suddenly realised the value of the old games they had gathering dust in their proverbial gaming cupboard. Following on from Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the rest comes yet more retro goodies. Super Star Wars has been released for the Wii, with the other two games in the series out soon. Okay, it’s not the Grim Fandango re-release we all want but let’s not complain.

Back in the early 90s the Super Star Wars games were as close as you could get to reliving the original trilogy. Ok the films didn’t feature any tricky platforming but hey, the graphics were great for their day. When I remember the games – and I haven’t played or seen them since 1994 – I think of extreme difficulty and impressive audio. The landspeeder level sticks out too. I’m guessing the music won’t be as impressive this time round but the difficulty level – after 15 years of softening up as games have gotten checkpoint-friendly and generally easier – will likely be a killer. Will today’s gamers have the patience to persevere with Skywalker and co?

Anyway, Super Star Wars – are you tempted? And what do you want to see released next from the LucasArts archive?