DC Comics Bombshells rolls out another great release with Cheetah

It’s more than just a Beach Boys song — Barbara Ann Minerva is one of the most iconic supervillainesses to ever be dreamed up by DC Comics. Cheetah, widely considered as Wonder Woman’s archnemesis, was first seen on the pages of comic books as far back as 1943. In 2009, the Cheetah was ranked as IGN’s 69th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

Needless to say, she’s nothing to trifle with. That’s why DC Comics’ Bombshell series has honored her in statue figure format, standing 10 inches tall in regal feline glory. She comes in a decorative collectors’ box perfect for display. Click on her image below to get started!



New Retro-Action DC Doll Figures have arrived! Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Captain Cold and the Flash are here as 8-inch plush-and-plastic action figures that fans of the DC Universe are sure to enjoy.

They join the likes of Batman, Two-Face, Green Arrow, Black Manta and a bunch more of these old-fashioned figures. They look great and really help you get a feel for what comic book fans of yore enjoyed.

Coming in October: NEW Ame-Comi Figures!

It seems worlds away, but you can now pre-order two new Ame-Comi ladies and be ready for Halloween in advance!

Halloween Zatanna and Stealth Cheetah stand about 9 inches tall and are formed of high-quality PVC, based on designs from DC artists giving their work a great anime twist. Zatanna is clad in a new orange-and-black ensemble as she pulls a bunny monster out of her upturned hat. Cheetach, meanwhile, escapes the eye of her arch-nemesis, Wonder Woman, in a skin-tight black stealth outfit. Both look stunning and make great additions to any DC fan’s display shelf.

NEW Ame-Comi Heroine Statues SERIES 2

Though I’m not exactly sure how Cheetah made the cut (though I suppose plenty of villains have made it before) , DC Direct has unveiled its upcoming Ame-Comi HEROINES 5-inch Series 2, a trio of figures featuring Cheetah, Donna Troy and Wonder Woman as anime-fied statues. Made of PVC and standing at about 5 inches, they’re a very nice addition to the massive (and massively popular) line that DC has been so diligent in updating. Really, in a time when figures are frequently pulled and when many “series 1” have seen themselves become the only series, it’s good to see something growing steadily.

Check out the rest of the collection by clicking the pic below!

DC UNIVERSE: Series 13 is here!

Series 13 of DC Direct’s DC Universe figures has now arrived and is in-stock over at CmdStore.com! The thirteenth series brings with it a host of characters both good and evil, but all awesomely designed and brilliantly rendered by the DC sculptors!

Cheetah (and a long-haired variant) , Donna Troy, Blue Devil, Blue Beetle, Superboy, Cyclotron and Negative Man (and his variant, maskless) make up the series, each standing at just over 6 inches tall. Each one comes with a single piece of this set’s Build-a-Figure, the devilish Trigon.

Series 13 can be purchased as individual figures, or collectors can snag them as sets of 7, 8 or 9! Check ’em out!

DC Universe Classics Series 13 Toys, Action Figures

Mattel has finally released DC Universe Series 13. We will be shipping out all the pre-orders on Monday. If you didn’t order yours yet, you can buy them individually or as a set from www.cmdstore.com.

-Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
-Blue Devil
-Cheetah (both Modern & Classic Versions)
-Donna Troy
-Negative Man (with Black Variant)
-Trigon (Collect & Connect Figure)

DC Universe Series 13DC Universe 13