Han Solo in Carbonite

Looking very well-preserved (har-har), HAN SOLO joins the rest of the Star Wars figures from Sideshow! But please, take a look at just how awesomely-rendered this is and ask yourself why you don’t already own it!

Okay, maybe you don’t already own it because it just came out. But come on, look at this thing. You know you want it. Best of all, it’s got a light-up feature, and even better than “best of all”, it can be mounted on your wall like the sweetest painting ever.

Sideshow Presents: HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE

One of the most enduring images from the Star Wars franchise is Han Solo suspended between life and death, trapped in Carbonite. And now, Sideshow Collectibles–creators of what might be the best-looking, highest-qualilty figure and statues out there–has brought the frozen Han from the silver screen to your display shelf.

As usual, each piece is hand-painted and numbered and every detail is captured perfectly. Impressively, the statue also includes some great light-up effects including a light from the base to illuminate the block itself, side-panel lights and an awesome third effect that lights up to simulate the super-heated melting process that frees Han. You can also take the frozen smuggler off the base and display him on your wall. This piece is a pre-order and will be shipping in the 4th quarter of this year! Reserve yours now!