Captain Harlock and his throne make a menacingly elegant showpiece

We all know that royally ensconced heroes are the best kind of heroes. And it’s even better when they come in one of the biggest sizes we carry! This figurine is 12 inches tall, sculpted craftsmanship that’s ready to order now. The 1/6 scale movie masterpiece is made by Hot Toys, and is based on the 1970s manga series that features the nobly stoic Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

The good Captain comes with a Throne of Arcadia, weapons and feathered sidekick Mr. Bird. An incredible amount of detail has gone into realizing this character, paying respect to the original incarnation of artist and author Leiji Matsumoto.

(Captain Harlock without his Throne of Arcadia is also available — check it out here.)

Imperial and sensitive, Harlock is known for fighting for what he knows to be true in his heart.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock Figure Play Arts Kai

From the upcoming CGI film Space Pirate Captain Harlock — based on the classic 1970s anime, Captain Harlock — Harlock, the swashbuckling romantic hero, along with his second in command, the beautiful and spirited Kei Yuki are on deck for the Play Arts -KAI- line! Harlock comes with an attachable Mr. Bird accessory for his shoulder. Each figure comes with interchangeable hands, weapons and display stand!

Space Pirate Captain Harlock Figure Play Arts