Devil May Cry’s Dante, now fully articulated

Capcom’s hugely successful video-game franchise has let gamers avenge a death by taking out demons since 2001. Who could resist an epic mission like that? And now, after the release of latest installment Definitive Edition just a couple of months ago,  it’s more than fitting to celebrate with a special seven-inch version of the series protagonist.

Here we say hello to Dante, the un-daunted warrior with his trusty pistols Ebony and Ivory. Set with 35 points of articulation, he’s ready to bring the on-screen battles to life with you. He also comes with his sword Alastor, a shotgun and interchangeable hands to enable him to wield all of his weapons. Dante will come in a flapped window box similar to NECA’s NES-style figure. A necessity for the ultimate DMC enthusiast, this version of Dante is not to be missed.

Devil May Cry me a river.

Devil May Cry me a river.

Zero from Mega Man Zero protects the reploids from the comfort of your collection!

If you know your Japanese video games as well as you know your favorite freckle constellation, then you’ll also probably know that a collaboration between Capcom’s Mega Man, S.H. Figuarts and Tamashii Nations is something to get excited about! First released for NES in 1987, Mega Man and all of its permutations have been delighting collectors as nostalgic icons for almost 30 years.

And here, the famed protagonist Zero leaps and bounds in from the Mega Man Zero series, originally released for Game Boy Advance in the early 2000s. First appearing in Mega Man X, Zero is outfitted with a complete collection of epic weapon accessories that come right from the series itself. Recreate favorite sequences with the ever-ready Z-Saber, the laser pistol Buster Shot or the lance-like Triple Rod. And he comes with even more true-to-aesthetic accessories, like a defense shield, as well as one interchangeable expression part and three additional hand parts. Wow! You can’t miss out.

Zero is all hero.

Zero is all hero.

Step inside Dante’s inferno with this Devil May Cry figure from NECA

The word “Dante” may bring to mind the Italian poet and his storied description of medieval Hell, but the name itself means “enduring”. We think it’s a more-than-fitting mononym for the rage-and-justice-fueled protagonist of Capcom’s Devil May Cry. Considered so deviant from the Resident Evil franchise that it merited its own series, the “Platinum Title” sees Dante avenging the murder of his mother through intense combat and the radical wiping-out of any and all foes in the form of demons. This gaming experience’s fiery darkness has spawned a devoted following, inspiring this seven-inch NECA figurine.

Boasting over 35 points of articulation and his two trusty firearms, Ebony and Ivory, he also brings with him the sword Alastor, a shotgun and interchangeable hands to carry it all. Although this isn’t pictured below, NECA has states that in March 2015, Dante will come in a flapped window box similar to their NES-style figures, which will hearken back to the look of the original video-game packaging. It’s clear that a lot of intention has gone into the careful crafting of this figurine. Preorder now so you don’t look back and regret missing out!

Dante's hair is the stuff of legend. And is also hard evidence that this game was indeed made in 2001.

Dante’s hair is the stuff of legend. It’s also hard evidence that this game was indeed made in 2001.

Juri from Street Fighter is next Japanese import from Kotobukiya

“Bishoujo” is an unofficial Japanese term for an attractive young lady, usually in her teens, and it’s well-known that anime and manga series use this aesthetic to give their female protagonists a timeless, innocent look. It’s far from realistic, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Juri from Street Fighter is one of the latest figurines to be rendered using this type of visual. Her image is curvaceously formed and dynamic, as she holds one leg in the air in a jaunt that can be interpreted as both battle-ready and playful.

Made by Kotobukiya, standing an above-average nine inches tall, and comprising the third installment in their Bishoujo series after Cammy and Chun Li, Juri is both gorgeous and powerful. Sculpted by Masahiro Takahashi (Gill Gill) in her trademark shades of bright violet and midnight black, she comes replete with her distinct battle harness while cheekily sticking her tongue out at you. She’s perfect for display next to your other Street Fighter figures and is available for preorder now, shipping out in May of next year.

The memorable heroine from the Capcom game is the third in Kotobukiya's Bishoujo series.

The memorable heroine from the Capcom game is the third in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo series.

Mega Man X D-Arts 5 inch Tamashii Figure has been Restocked

Mega Man X Figure D-arts (3)From Tamashii Nations! Capcom’s fan-favorite hero Mega Man X returns in this limited reissue of the D-Arts Mega Man X Figure! Figure comprised of composite ABS, PVC, and POM materials for enhanced detail, durability, and articulation. Approximately 12.5 cm (about 5″) tall.   It’s a durable piece, just don’t tug on the jointed areas a lot.  The figure itself looks amazing and if you intend to take it out of the box with 3 different facial expressions you can swap out and 2 different blasts to display from the mega buster you’d have lots of options to pose him on your shelf or desk!

Overall, this is a truly great Action Figure, perfect for a fan of the Mega Man X series. Although expensive for its size, polished nature of the figure is well worth the money.


Mega Man X Figure D-artsMega Man X Figure D-arts (2)buy now

Chris Redfield Statue

CHRIS REDFIELD, perhaps the most enduring protagonist of the Resident Evil series, is here immortalized as a 13-inch statue, clad in full military gear and brandishing his pistol.

One of the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. police officers, he’s taken down more zombies and abominations than almost any other video game character out there– and the competition is stiff. Now, this figure is a pre-order shipping in November, but you’ll definitely want to act fast because the statue is limited to a mere 500 pieces world-wide.

Street Fighter Classic – Series 1

Now you can snag some classic Street Fighter characters in new action figure 2-packs from Jazwares. Ryu vs. Sagat and Ken vs. Blanka are available and ready for action! These guys are pretty small at 3.75 inches, but their size is no impediment to their awesome articulation and the battles you can wage on your toyshelf!

Dead Rising and ‘& Teller’: Zombies do Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places in the world, featuring something for everyone at all hours day or night and an amazing number of things to do. It draws tourists from all around the world to its hotels, casinos, restaurants and shows and there’s nary a time when the streets aren’t crowded.

Which leads a geek to wonder: How will they fare when the Zombie Apocalypse comes?

It’s not a new question, really, and it’s been explored a few times, with a tarnished “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” being among the lead images from the third installment of the Resident Evil film franchise. But here are two other takes on what happens when the undead invade Sin City.

First up is the sequel to the hugely successful XBox/PS3/PC game, Dead Rising. Following in the footsteps of Frank West (soon to be seen in an all-star fighting game from Capcom), motocross champ Chuck Greene must brave the zombie plague to save his daughter. As seen above, he seems to have found himself trapped in Caesar’s Palace, but the game doesn’t Vegas per se, simply the analogous Fortune City. Wherever it is, you can explore it in 2010 when the game hits shelves.

Meanwhile, for some real Las Vegas zombie action, check out this incredibly awesome short film (and its sequel), & Teller. When the zombie plague hits Vegas, it takes nearly everyone with it, save for the normally silent half of the Rio’s Penn & Teller. He tells his story to a video camera in the indie flick that was featured on the DVD of Day of the Dead. Definitely worth a watch.

You can get the original Dead Rising, the Wii port or pre-order the sequel over at!
Dead Rising

Dead Rising 2(Pre-order)

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (Wii)