Classic Captain America from Marvel Select

Standing 8 inches tall and looking every bit as impressive as the Marvel Select collection demands, CAPTAIN AMERICA rocks his classic, all-American look as he stands tall on Liberty and Justice (literally–check out the stand!). It’s a classic throwback to a character whose star is only rising as The Avengers movie looms large. The fully-articulated figure comes with an impressive diorama-style display and fits in extremely well with the rest of the Marvel Select line-up. Check it out!

Captain America and…Captain America!

TWO new renditions of Captain America can now be pre-ordered! From the amazing designers and sculptors at Sideshow Collectibles comes a pair of Cap items that capture him as he appears both in the comics and in the recent movie! Check these out.

First of all, here’s an incredible bust of the nation’s hero rendered at LIFE-SIZE. Yep, that’s right. Life-size. So when you set this up on your shelf and look into its steely blue eyes, you can know for a fact that that’s exactly what it would be to look at the real deal (we don’t suggest you do it too often). He ships in the 4th quarter of this year.

Based on Chris Evans’ portrayal of Captain America in “The First Avenger” this awesome 21-inch statue captures the spirit and the look of the film and the character brilliantly. He features real fabrics and is individually painted and finsihed. It includes helmeted and non-helmeted switch-out portraits and ships in the 4th quarter of this year!


Joining the ranks of the Superhero Squad is this brand new 3-pack, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER – BATTLE AT RED SKULL LAIR.

Beyond a mouthful of a name, this awesome collection consists of Captain America himself, Bucky Barnes and Red Skull as cute-ified versions of the characters you’ll be seeing in the upcoming summer film, Captain America: The First Avenger.

And speaking of the film, a new trailer’s been released so you’d best check it out!


James “Bucky” Barnes takes on the Captain America mantle in this stunning Sideshow Statue . Standing an amazing 26 inches tall, it’s another masterpiece from a collection that isn’t short on them.

Standing on a rooftop (which may well be the Chrysler building) above the city and indeed the world he protects, he holds a pistol and raises the iconic shield. On top of being generally rad, though, Bucky also boasts a real fabric costume, which adds a very impressive little something to this piece.