Deluxe Class Bumblebee added to Transformers Age of Extinction line

Bumblebee has long been a pioneer of the Autobots — he was the very first Transformers robot to make friends with a human. When his comrades are in peril, he’s ready to shed his disguise and march straight into battle! Whether he is in fighter mode or 2015 Concept Camaro mode, he’s fresh, sleek and fierce. Throwing stars make robot enemies no match for him, and his supercharged muscle-car-to-robot conversions keep all of his foes guessing.

This six-inch figure from Hasbro can be changed in 12 steps, and is ready to order right now! Start the new year off right by making sure that your Age of Extinction figure collection becomes whole!

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a Bumblebee.

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a Bumblebee.

If yesterday was Star Wars day, today is Transformers day.

Bumblebee day, more specifically. One of the most loveable Autobots comes to life yet again, but this time in colossal 15-inches-tall and 12-inches-wide deluxe figure form! This guy boasts over 65 points of articulation, including articulated fingers, and we’re stoked on this brand-new installment in Sideshow and ThreeA Toys’s Premium Scale series.

Among his awesome features are an interchangeable arm with a light-up cannon, perfect for all of the versatility that battle scenes demand. A removable combat face shield is highlighted by the LED effects in his eyes and chest. As is to be expected from Sideshow Collectibles, Bumblebee is sculpted in realistic detail and showcases an artful paint job. Order him now so he’ll be at your doorstep in March! Be among the first to add this one-of-a-kind luxury figure to their toy arsenal.




A battle for the ages! Based on their appearance in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE and STARSCREAM arrive in this awesome 2-pack (also featuring some humans, but who cares when the robots in disguise are on the scene?).

The figures themselves are about 6 inches tall, can fully transform and come packaged with 3 full-length Transformers Prime episodes, meaning you can both catch up with the adventures or reenact them!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Wave 4

TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon’s fourth wave of Deluxe Class figures is here and fans of the film or the entire Transformers universe are in for some great items.

The figure up there is NITRO BUMBLEBEE and he’s joined in the fourth wave by SPECIALIST RATCHET.

These two are soon to be joined by Wave 5, which will include AIR RAID, TOPSPIN and DARK STEEL, all of whom are available for pre-order now!

NEW Transformers Combiners + Bumblebee Gets Smashed

The 2010 Power Core Combiners are figure packs containing multiple Transformers that combine (as the name implies) in a ton of different ways, making hundreds and hundreds of different combinations possible and creating a unique experience as you bring Commanders (the large figures) and Mini-Cons or drones (the small figures) together in your choice of unique configurations. They’re a kind of extra-collectible series for the robots in disguise and should please fans of the franchise and the license! Check ’em out here!

But unfortunately, there is also some not-so-good news for Transformers fans…especially if you’re a fan of Bumblebee. The story comes from Fox DC

WASHINGTON – A D.C. Police SUV was involved in a wreck at the filming of “Transformers 3” in Washington D.C.

While the movie was filming a car chase scene on 3rd Street and Maryland Ave in southwest D.C., the police SUV collides with a yellow Chevy Camaro, which in the movie series is known as the character Bumblebee.

The police SUV was not supposed to be there and the wreck itself was not scripted.

The police officer driving the SUV is a 25-year veteran senior explosive ordinance technician. He was taken to a local hospital and sustained minor injuries.

Law enforcement sources tell FOX 5 that he was driving to a call for a suspicious package incident nearby and was using a different radio channel than the police officers who were securing the perimeter for the movie.

Statement from the Metropolitan Police Department:

“Earlier today, a MPD marked cruiser responding to an emergency assignment, collided with a vehicle involved in the filming of a movie at Third Street and Maryland Avenue, SW. The officer sustained minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital. No civilian injuries have been reported.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the facts of the crash and filming of this movie on closed DC city streets has been suspended until safety procedures can be reviewed.”

Transformers Generations: Four New Deluxe Figures

Just arrived!

Four new Transformers vehicles/figures have just come in, featuring new renderings of old favourites from the Transformers Universe. Sold as a set or as individual items, the first wave consists of four figures and leads the charge for a second wave due to hit shelves later this month (but pre-orderable now!).

Each of these figures is part of the deluxe line of toys, standing 6 inches and fully transformable from robot to vehicle and back! (This being as opposed to some other items, which are only the robot version of the character and do not transform–I promise I am well aware of the abilities of the average robot on disguise!)

In any event, here’s a look at 2010’s first wave of Transformers Generations figures.






Bumblebee + Sam Witwicky 2-Pack!

It’s not often that Hasbro brings us a human figure from the Transformers Universe, but here’s a look at the human/robot pair up from Michael Bay’s film franchise:

Now in a 2-pack, the Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky figures interact with each other and you can keep your Sam on Bumblebee’s shoulder in robot mode, or switch to a vehicle to put Sam in the driver’s seat. It’s an awesome set for fans of the film.

And you can check out more Transformers figures over in our online store.


Now in-stock, we’ve got the latest toys from the Transformers film franchise! Film-accurate, they offer some amazing levels of detail that’s sure to impress fans of the toys–maybe even those robots-in-disguise purists who prefer the original incarnations of the characters. Right now, it’s a six-figure collection, but you can bet that we’ll be updating with all the latest the moment the rest comes in!

For now, check these out!