TRANSFORMERS: Devastator Gift Set

Imports are pretty much the cream of the Transformers crop and we’ve got a new one that’s sure to please. Take a look!

That’s six individual Transformers in one awesome Japanese box set. Part of the encore series, it’s a treat for anyone who’s made this their holy grail or has otherwise been on the look-out for something truly awesome to be the jewel in the crown for their collection of Robots in Disguise. When fully assembled, Devastator stands a whopping 12 inches tall and features full limb articulation and a number of weapons to help him take on any enemies you want to throw his way. A must-have for collectors!

Optimus Prime vs Megatron

It’s Decepticon versus Autobot once again and you get to decide who comes out on top! Based on their dynamic new looks in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, these 8-inch Transformers can stage an epic battle on your toyshelf! The two-pack also comes with the show’s human protagonists and a DVD featuring the series premiere– perfect for converting the uninitiated.

The set is currently available for pre-order and will be shipping out in January 2012, so if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll definitely want to get this one on its way!

Slaughter’s Marauders & Dreadnoks G.I. JOE Exclusive!

Shipping in January, but pre-orderable now, we’ve got an awesome box set of Slaughter’s Marauders and the Deadnoks! Check out this roster:

This set includes the evil DREADNOKS-featuring:

The heroic SLAUGHTER’S MARAUDERS featuring:

It’s an insane line-up made all the more impressive by the fact that they come with a ton of accessories and weapons, making a set as valuable to in-the-box collectors as for display (or play!) fanatics. They’re all about 3.75 inches tall and feature the articulation and design that has made this line of GI Joe figures true classics among fans.

Gi Joe Figures


Just in time for Christmas, check out a brand new BEYBLADE METAL FUSION set you can snag today!

The Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set is not only a mouthful, it’s a heck of a lot of fun for Beyblade fans old and new!

The box set comes with FOUR random Beyblades, 2 rip-cord launchers, 4 collector cards, 1 launcher grip, 24 Tournament grids and an official rulebook! It’s a great item for collectors or for any newbies looking to take their very first steps into the world of Beyblade!

If you’re looking for something more, though, be sure to check out our complete Beyblade section by clicking the pic below!

McFarlane NFL Football 2-Pack: The Jets’ Mark Sanchez & Shonn Greene

The Mark Sanchez and Shonn Green 2-Pack joins the growing collection of McFarlane NFL SportsPicks Exclusives and Box Sets over in our NFL section over at!

The Jets teammates look stunning, near-perfect miniatures of their real far-from-miniature selves and posed as they might appear on the field, caught mid-action in dynamic poses. As per usual, they stand roughly 6 inches tall (give or take a bit) and make excellent additions to any display shelf whether you remove them from the packaging to stand on their replica field sections or keep them in their window box, which itself is optimized for showing off the figures. Either way, they’re available on the site now, so check ’em out!

Super Mario Mini Figures: 6-figure Box Set

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bullet Bill, Bob-Omb and a Goomba make up the new Super Mario 6-Figure Box Set from Nintendo!

Each figure is about 2 inches tall and the clean-cut style and molding of the pieces is great for capturing the looks of Nintendo’s most popular heroes and villains. They’re great for any fan of the games, both old and new, and will not only look awesome when displayed, but pretty much demand to be set up as though they’re all part of a level running across the length of your shelf. In fact, I am going to go ahead and say that I insist you set them up that way.

This box set joins the rest of the Nintendo collection, which you can (and should) check out here.

New Harley and Joker “MAD LOVE” figures!

Coming in 2010 but available for pre-order already, we’ve got some brand new figures from DC Direct available for pre-order right now: The Joker and Harley Quinn.

Old figures given new life, this set unites the Clown Prince of Crime his Henchwench and comes with a copy of the brilliant comic MAD LOVE by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. You’ll recognize the Harley Quinn figure from Jim Lee’s artwork in HUSH and the Joker is a repaint of Alex Ross’ incredible JUSTICE Joker figure, coloured in his classic purple and green. This one is a must for both collectors and fans of the twisted duo.