Satisfy your thirst with the Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Hammer Opener

This is one new party accessory you won’t want to live without. Take a look at the Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Hammer Opener, a four-inch sculpted metal bottle opener that will lend a hand in your time of thirst.

Diamond Select Toys has designed this offering based on the mallet that Harley Quinn wields in the popular TV series. This bottle opener also comes encased in a full-color collector slipcase, so you can use it to crack open a cold one or show off to your friends. Click on the photo below to get started!


Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener

They went ahead and made this and you know you want it.

This is a bottle opener and a replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite: honestly, what more could you want as a Star Wars fan than to combine your love of a great movie with your love of a great brew (or high-end soda, if you’re so inclined!)?