Just in: fifth wave of the Star Wars Rebels Mission Series

The battle-packed action, the melodrama, the romance, the epic storylines — Star Wars is a space opera, alright, and it’s only fitting that such a great opus spanning decades of creative effort and vision spawns a buttload of sweet toys to remind us of it.

The Star Wars Rebel Mission Series comes stocked with exclusively two-packs, which is a treat for casual collectors and die-hard toy-heads alike. Re-create the magic with Wullffwarro and Wookie Warrior, Sabine and Stormtrooper, Bossk and IG-88, Cikatro and IG-RM, and Wicket and Biker Scout. As always, we’ve put all five together for you in a special little package (shown below) for a reduced price. So snap these dudes up before they’re all gone!

Tatooine 5-0.

Tatooine 5-0.

BOSSK : Scum and Villainy

Another bounty hunter, the Trandoshan BOSSK, joins the ranks of Sideshow’s “Scum and Villainy” figure line, a tribute to the worst of the worst in the Star Wars universe.

As with every deluxe Sideshow 12-inch figure, you can expect a number of awesome features and accessories:

Highly Detailed and Hand Painted Head
Intricate Pressure Suit and Flak Vest with Gaskets and Fittings
Two (2) Sets of Interchangeable Hands
Two (2) Sets of Interchangeable Feet: Standard and Action Versions
Relby V-10 Micro Grenade Launcher
Prometheus 1.2 Body featuring Newly Sculpted Trandoshan Forearms and Lower Legs
Lower support extendable figure stand with Star Wars logo