If you were a fan of the BLACKEST NIGHT story arc over in the DC Universe, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this 4-figure box set of 6.75-inch figures. Packaged with the figures is a 48-page trade paper back, BLACKEST NIGHT SPECIAL EDITION #1, featuring GREEN LANTERN #40 and #41 by Geoff Johns, Philip Tan and Eddy Barrows and BOOSTER GOLD #27.

In this set, you’ll find Indigo Munnk, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Black Lantern Blue Beetle and Star Sapphire Fatality! It’s a pre-order and if you want to snag it now, you can expect it to head your way in November!

DC UNIVERSE: Series 13 is here!

Series 13 of DC Direct’s DC Universe figures has now arrived and is in-stock over at! The thirteenth series brings with it a host of characters both good and evil, but all awesomely designed and brilliantly rendered by the DC sculptors!

Cheetah (and a long-haired variant) , Donna Troy, Blue Devil, Blue Beetle, Superboy, Cyclotron and Negative Man (and his variant, maskless) make up the series, each standing at just over 6 inches tall. Each one comes with a single piece of this set’s Build-a-Figure, the devilish Trigon.

Series 13 can be purchased as individual figures, or collectors can snag them as sets of 7, 8 or 9! Check ’em out!