Olly Moss PaperCuts presents some truly awesome-looking silhouettes featuring a ton of your favourite (or least favourite) characters distilled to their purest and showcased in picture frames. It takes Victorian-style art, applies it to the modern day and looks good doing it. Check out a few examples and then visit the rest of the blog!

Bloc Rec: Fake Science on Tumblr

This week’s blog rec is a hilarious collection of textbook images that’ll help make the wide world of science just a little bit easier to understand. Here’s one example:

Divided into Biology, Energy and Chemistry, you can easily educate yourself on a variety of different subjects or just skim through and become well-rounded. It’s also extra awesome because it’s a Tumblr, so if you’ve got an account, you can just add it and get new entries delivered right to your dashboard.

Voldemort Cat Finds Loving Home

From Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann comes some good news for those who worried for cat that looks like Voldemort!

A cat in Britain is getting a happy ending despite his striking resemblance to one of literature’s scariest villains. Last week The Telegraph published a story about how Southampton’s Blue Cross Centre was having a hard time finding a home for Charlie, a 14-year-old cat, because his ears and nose were amputated to prevent his skin cancer from spreading.

Veteranarians hoped a Harry Potter fan would be interested in a “Voldemort cat,” and the plan worked. After his photo appeared in the media Charlie received dozens of adoption offers. However, the woman who reserved him first actually isn’t a fan of teen wizards. “They got on really well and we are now making the preparations for him to go home with her at the weekend,” said a spokesperson. “She is not a Harry Potter fan, she just heard of his plight for a nice, quiet home and she could offer him that.”

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that Terminator Dog ends up as lucky!

CarDesignFetish’s Batmobile Redesign Contest

ComicsAlliance reports on CarDesignFetish’s Batmobile Redesign Contest…

The automotive aesthetics obsessives over at CarDesignFetish recently concluded a competition where readers submitted their redesigns of that most iconic of vehicles, the Batmobile. The site encouraged participants not to concentrate on fancy renderings but rather on quick and dirty sketches to effectively convey their ideas, which helped generate quite a lot of entries. We’ve chosen our favorites, which you can see after the jump.

Here are two pics from the list, but be sure to check out ComicsAlliance for the whole batch! You won’t want to miss it.

BLOG REC: The Bat-Blog

What’s going on in the world of Batman? Check out The Bat-Blog, which searches high and low to find every single Bat-item and piece of Bat-news out there, posting it dutifully for Bat-fans! Take a look at just some of the finds and then visit the blog!