Round two! Batman Black & White Joker statue by Jim Lee gets a second edition

The Joker’s gotten a vintage makeover. He’s always one to make an impression, though, isn’t he? Take a look at the DC Comics Batman Black & White Joker by Jim Lee 2nd Edition statue. Since the first course was such a hit, we’ve been treated to dessert. Sculptor James Shoop brings us this six-inch version of Mr. J, menace to Gotham City and the Caped Crusader’s most notable foe.

Here, he comes true to the early 2000s Batman: Hush aesthetic, gripping his “Bang” gun. Shaded in monochromatic tones and set atop a Bat logo-shaped base, he is packaged in a black-and-white box perfect for gifting or display. Order with the click of the button below!


Artist Bryan Hitch interprets Batman for the Black & White statue series

Channel the classic spirit of one of the world’s most well-known and most-loved superheroes with this novel product from DC Comics. This is the Batman Black & White statue by Bryan Hitch, a great new addition to the Black & White statue series and a definite must-buy for the dedicated Dark Knight aficionado or aficionada.

He’s captured mid-leap, balancing with one hand atop the bat-logo base and the other wielding a Batarang. Sculptor Clayburn Moore adds his artistic capabilities to this six-inch masterpiece. Grab it quick — it’s only being made in a limited run of 5,200!

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Slide into your girl’s DMs like


Look out, Bat-fans!

You can now pre-order the new variant edition of Mike Mignola’s entry to the Batman Black & White collection. Standing at about 8 inches tall, this striking rendering of the Dark Knight bears the heaviness and angular quality that sets his art apart. The stark shadows and dimpled-stone design elements make this on of the best B&W statues yet– order now and it’ll be sent your way in February.

Batman Black & White – DAVID FINCH

Batman: The Dark Knight’s writer and artist is DAVID FINCH and he brings his art and sensibility to an upcoming statue of his own BATMAN design, part of the BLACK & WHITE line.

An original cold-cast porcelain statue, it stands about 6.5” high and is painted in monochromatic tones. The base is shaped as the iconic Bat-logo and it looks absolutely amazing as part of any action figure or statue display.

Pre-order now and it’ll ship out to you later this month!

It’s Here: Tony Daniel’s BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE Statue

Tony Daniel’s contribution to the BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE collection has arrived and is in-stock and ready to go. Standing about 9 inches tall, Batman leaps with his grappling hook in hand, ready to take on whatever Gotham’s underworld will throw at him. Based on Daniel’s always-impressive artwork, it’s a great addition to the line, which serves as a kind of companion to the amazing series of Batman Black & White comic anthologies.

And there’s a little bit more Arkham City news for Bat-fans! According to, we know just about how much time you can expect to lose in the awesome video game sequel…

Dax Ginn the Market Manager for Batman: Arkham City recently spoke about the games length.

Ginn told GamerZines that it honestly depends on the players choice. If the “just sticking to the core narrative path” then it is actually possible to complete the game “in about 8 hours.” On the other hand players who explore “and trying new things” could experience “between 20-24 hours” of gameplay.

Batman: Arkham City is slated to be released in October on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.