Relationship goals: Green Arrow and Black Canary in one gorgeous statue

It’s a match made in Star City. Here’s the DC Collectible Green Arrow and Black Canary statue figure, an indispensable 12-inch addition to your collection that celebrates one of the greatest love stories of the DC Universe.

Based on the artwork of Cliff Chiang and sculpted by Jonathan Matthews, the pose on the cover of the classic Green Arrow/Black Canary #1 is reproduced here. They’re being released in a limited run of only 5,200, so make sure to grab them today! Learn more by clicking on the image below.


Black Canary joins the DC Comics Cover Girls team

This DC diva is unlike any other. Take a look at this DC Comics Cover Girls Black Canary statue figure, next up in a series wildly popular with collectors across the globe. Legendary designer Stanley “Artgerm” Lau collaborates with sculptor Jack Mathews in a work of art with power and attitude.

She’s posed assertively to let all enemies know she’s not to be trifled with. Join her as she takes over the music scene in the pages of her new solo series. Start by clicking the image below!


Kotobukiya presents Black Canary, Bishoujo-style

We all know that DC would be nothing without its leading ladies. So what better way to celebrate their amazing legacy than with a line of gorgeous statues? New from Kotobukiya’s Japanese art-inspired line is the DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary statue, a flurry of force that you better look out for.

This nine-inch PVC offering features an aesthetic based on a new character interpretation by Shunya Yamashita. She wears her trademark outfit with leather jacket and fishnets. We’ve got the formidable Raven, too, so make sure you pick up both!


The New 52 Katana stuns as one of DC’s Cover Girls

This fierce goddess’s namesake fits her perfectly — like the traditional Japanese weapon, Katana is a force to be reckoned with. Among this superheroine’s notable powers is the ability to capture and communicate with the souls of her victims after killing them. A normal Japanese girl who became a full-fledged samurai after training under a renowned master, Katana eventually melds her fierce forces with those of the Black Canary and Starling to become one-third of the Birds of Prey. Here, the swordswoman is displayed as a 9-inch statue designed by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, with sculpting done by artist Jack Mathews. The physical craftsmanship of this piece is phenomenal, and like its counterparts in the Cover Girls series, it has a limited run of 5200. She wields a sword rumored to contain the spirit of her dead husband, with which she converses in Japanese. Add Katana, one of the most captivating personages of The New 52, to your stronghold.

We wouldn't want to find ourselves at the other end of that lethal blade.

We feel sorry for whoever finds themselves at the other end of that lethal blade.


Sent to destroy Black Canary, WHITE CANARY is both woman and weapon. Sent by Lady Shiva, her Canary Cry is not the rallying shout feared by villains, but a devastating attack on the Birds of Prey!

Standing about 9 inches high and crafted in PVC, the figure is packaged in a 4-colour window box that makes it great for display, whether you take it out of the box or not.

TWO New DC Universe Online Pre-Orders!

Over in our DC Universe PVC Dolls and Statues category, you can find the above item from the new line of DC Direct figures based on the upcoming MMORPG, DC Universe Online. Bringing together heroes and villains of the DCU while doing the same with players around the world, the game is sure to be a hit and it’s no surprise that they’re already sending the figures out into the world, ready to be pre-ordered.

Black Canary can be ordered now and will begin shipping in June 2011. She will be joining the December and January arrivals (Batman, Catwoman, Superman and Green Lantern) along with another familiar face, The Flash.

DC Universe: Series 9 Pre-orders!

The hugely successful Marvel Legends line was likely the final kick in the pants DC needed to take a run at the high-quality action figure market and unleash the DC Universe Collection. And now, the DC figures are gaining in popularity and rival the folks at Marvel in terms of detail, painting and the overall look of the figures, sometimes surpassing them with smooth sculpts and really solid joint work.

The latest we’ve heard of the figures brings us to Series 9, available for pre-order over at our online store. The figures in the set are: Flash, Vigilante, Comic book and Super Powers Mantis, Classic and Modern Wildcat, Black Canary, Black Adam, Green Arrow, Guardian and Deadshot. And when you collect ’em all (except for the alternates who come with part doubles and Flash and Vigilante, who do not come with parts), you can build the Metal Men supervillain Chemo, a plastic abomination. Check out the line by clicking the pic!