DC Universe: Series 9 Pre-orders!

The hugely successful Marvel Legends line was likely the final kick in the pants DC needed to take a run at the high-quality action figure market and unleash the DC Universe Collection. And now, the DC figures are gaining in popularity and rival the folks at Marvel in terms of detail, painting and the overall look of the figures, sometimes surpassing them with smooth sculpts and really solid joint work.

The latest we’ve heard of the figures brings us to Series 9, available for pre-order over at our online store. The figures in the set are: Flash, Vigilante, Comic book and Super Powers Mantis, Classic and Modern Wildcat, Black Canary, Black Adam, Green Arrow, Guardian and Deadshot. And when you collect ’em all (except for the alternates who come with part doubles and Flash and Vigilante, who do not come with parts), you can build the Metal Men supervillain Chemo, a plastic abomination. Check out the line by clicking the pic!