Mass Effect Alliance Fighter

Want to feel a little bit more like Commander Shepard but can’t find a Turian to invite to your private quarters? Then start decorating your cabin with the Alliance Fighter 8-inch replica, one of the Mass Effect ship replicas that does double duty: it’s a replica of a ship, sure, but it’s also…well, a replica of a replica you can buy in-game.

Systems Alliance frigates, named after the great battles of human history, are among the larger warships capable of traveling between star systems in the interactive world of Mass Effect. Dark Horse has released a version of one of these ships, our popular replica of Normandy. Smaller combat support craft, fighters, and interceptors are used in a support role to the warships during combat. Fighters are a one-man craft used to perform close-range attacks on enemy ships.

Four NEW Dragon Age Figures

Video game fans have something else to celebrate besides the impending release of awesome new titles: action figures! DC Direct has been making some pretty impressive renderings of the best and brightest characters from all around the video game world and the latest to arrive on our shelves are four from Bioware’s DRAGON AGE. Here you’ll find, available as a set or individual figures, Duncan, Genlock, Loghain and Morrigan. Very nice to look at and very highly-detailed.

Now, you might also enjoy the very awesome Dead Space figures and, if you do, you’ll probably want to take a look at something of a crossover between the two games…

The Escapist has the info…

In a genre-bending crossover, Dead Space 2 will include a code for an exclusive Dragon Age 2 armor set.

EA has put together a DLC crossover that involves Dragon Age again, but two seemingly unrelated games. Those that purchase a copy of Dead Space 2 will also receive a code to unlock a special set of armor in Dragon Age 2.

Last year’s crossover put a code in Dragon Age that unlocked the Blood Dragon armor set in Mass Effect 2. This time, EA looks to be trying to build interest in Dragon Age 2 with gamers that might not normally take a look at an RPG.

The armor set is called Ser Isaac’s armor and is modeled after the main character of Dead Space 2, Isaac Clarke. It comes with boots, a chestplate, gauntlets, and a helmet, each with their own individual stats. It doesn’t look like the set provides anything other than a couple of rune slots, a critical damage increase, and improved defense, but it does make Hawke look like a boss. The helmet gives him the triple-tiered blue light visage that Isaac Clarke is known for, though in Dragon Age the lights are probably the result of magic rather than technology. It would have been really cool if the code could have included a crossbow with targeting lasers too, but fans such as I always want it all.

The crossover makes sense when you consider that BioWare has developed Dragon Age 2 to suit both action-RPG fans and those that want to take the tactical approach (see here), while both games are also somewhat horror oriented. As the armor appears to be mostly a cosmetic improvement, so I don’t think it’s that big of a loss if you have no interest in Dead Space 2.