You’re looking at the new SUPER VORTEX BATTLE SET EXCLUSIVE!

Is someone on your Christmas list looking to start their collection of Beyblades? Or maybe just make theirs the best Beyblade set around? If so, then look no further than this great box set, which includes a TON of great stuff for fans! Check out this list!

– Super Vortex Stadium
– 4 Beyblades which are:
– 1 Limited Edition Lightning L-Drago
– 1 Limited Edition Storm Pegasus
– 1 Flame Sagittario
– 1 Dark Wolf
– 2 Ripcord Launchers
– 24 Tournament grids and official rule book
– 4 Collector cards
– 1 Launcher Grip

Yep! That is definitely everything you’re going to need to make someone’s holiday season just a little brighter, adding these hot holiday toys to their haul! Or, you know what? Maybe, if you’ve already done your shopping and you’re drooling over this great set, maybe you should pick it up for yourself as a nice little treat for Christmas 2010!

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Take a look at this Complete BayBlade GIFT SET, featuring everything you need to start off your very own collection! Any fan of this epic toy will definitely want to get their hands on this gift pack this Christmas! Here’s a look!

This great set has it all! It’s got ONE Red Super Vortex Baystadium, 2 RANDOM Bayblades and 2 Rip-cord launcher! It’s a great buy, a great selection and a great Christmas present!

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Beyblade fan? Collect the fighting tops but not sure where you want to wage your battles against your friends–or enemies? Well, there’s a new area available for players and here’s a look at it!

It’s designed for the Metal Fusion collection, but if you haven’t hopped on-board the MF train, than you can use whichever Beyblades you’d like and watch them duke it out. Hasbro’s added this to its existing collection of awesome Beyblade Metal Fusion tops, which we’ve got both in-stock and pre-orderable.

Check out the whole collection: we’ve got everything from Rock Aries Purple to Storm Aquario Blue, Flame Libra Green to Lightning L-Drago Blue, plus electronic blades, face-off packs and MORE!

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