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This great set has it all! It’s got ONE Red Super Vortex Baystadium, 2 RANDOM Bayblades and 2 Rip-cord launcher! It’s a great buy, a great selection and a great Christmas present!

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Looking for some of the truly hot toys of Christmas 2010? Then look no further than our Beyblade: METAL FUSION section!

These awesome metal Beyblades are definitely causing the biggest stir this holiday season and fans of the spinning tops will definitely be looking for them under the tree and in their stockings. But shoppers might be wondering: Which are truly the BEST Beyblades this season?

Well, we’ve got a Top 5 list right here!





And the NUMBER ONE BEYBLADE this season is…


Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Tops – Evil Gemios

Evil Gemios is an exciting five-piece top that lets you customize it to create just the right combination for attack, defense and battle stamina! Battle it out in any Beystadium™ arena (sold separately)! Top includes FACE BOLT™*, ENERGY RING™*: Gemios, FUSION WHEEL™*: Evil, SPIN TRACK™*: DF145 and PERFORMANCE TIP™*: FS pieces and comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER™* and assembly tool.

Evil Gemios Beyblade Metal Fusion 2010

How to assemble the Evil Gemios video:

Cyber Monday search for Hot Christmas Toy: Beyblades

beyblades metal fusion

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Looking for Beyblade Metal Fusion Tops, we have a wide selection of Beyblade related merchandise to satisfy your needs. Beyblade is the hottest 2010 toy out-selling everything else on the planet.

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Dark Bull - Evil Gemios - Earth Eagle

Beyblade Metal Fusion Mobile Beystadium

Beyblade Metal Fusion Mobile BeystadiumBattle it out anytime and anywhere with this Mobile Beystadium arena! Set it up in just a few steps and prepare to take on any competition in moments (tops sold separately). The pocket-less design keeps the tops action moving and battles raging on. When you’re finished playing, just fold it up and you’re good to go — not to mention carry and store more than 50 tops (please note that this staduim does not include any actual beyblades…you will need to buy and fill it up yourself…which will be fun and can be expensive)!

Beyblade Metal Fusion Mobile Beystadium

Which Beyblade Metal Fusion is the best?

It really depends on the performance tip. If you look at the back of
each Beyblade metal fusion pack there is a diagram showing the defense, stamina and attack.  For example, Storm Pegasus is not a very good Beyblade in my opinion.  His chart says that his performance tip is 6 attack, 1 defense and 0 stamina. Do you think that’s powerful?  It is pretty good for a quick attack but he will only last about 10 seconds because of his zero stamina.

The BEST beyblade without using modified parts from other beyblades is clearly:  Burn Fireblaze. Why:  beacuse stamina is the best thing you need and it has full stamina.  During a game between two kids in the store, I noticed that a Rock Pegasus (Pegasus middle and dark wolf bottom) didn’t have a chance against the big bad Mr. Burn Fireblaze.  Buy Burn Fireblaze and prove me wrong.

Burn Fireblaze - Beyblade Metal Fusion  Spin TopsBurn Fireblaze - Beyblade Metal Fusion  Spin Tops