Beyblade Mobile Stadium

I have noticed a fair amount of the players in our store using the Mobile Stadium to carry and hold their Beyblades. They whip it open and start playing right away….which is cool. Wanna play in the toilet, go ahead. Wanna play at church, go ahead.

beyblade stadium mobile

Beyblade Metal Fusion: SUPER VORTEX BATTLE SET

What is the BEST Beyblade stadium on the market right now….it is the….Super Vortex.

Beyblade Metal Fusion SUPER VORTEX BATTLE SET“Turn up” the excitement with this awesome battle arena for your super-cool Beyblade tops! This SUPER VORTEX Beystadium arena was specially designed for super-intense battles — which is important, because you’re about to go all out! Set up your Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago tops to prepare for battle. With its RF tip for aggressive maneuvering, your Storm Pegasus top is a serious mover and shaker. Your Lightning L-Drago top has a unique left-spin that maximizes its attack potential. When these two battle it out head-to-head, there’s no telling who the winner will be! Start the spinning with your two RIPCORD LAUNCHER tools and keep it going as you chart your battles on the 24 tournament grids. From dynamic attacks to evasive maneuvers, all of your best techniques will be put to the test — make yourself the champion!

Awesome set comes with everything you need to stage a serious spinning showdown! Set includes SUPER VORTEX Beystadium arena, 2 exclusive Beyblade Metal Fusion tops, 2 ripcord launchers, 24 tournament grids, official rule book and 2 collector cards.