Lightning L-Drago Beyblade is AWESOME!

Ok….I just played a bunch of beyblade games in our store and Lightning L-Drago is kicking butt.  It does have some problems against a few specific opponents (but I’m not gonna tell y’all…keep you guys guessing for now).     I also did a little customizing on the L-Drago which I will detail in my next blog post.  In the meantime, you can pick up the Lightning L-Drago from our website at   Once you get it, come back to this blog and I will have all the juicy bits that will help you make this forbidden beyblade the ultimate warrior….heck, you should be able to win blindfolded….nuff said.

Lightning L-Drago Beyblade

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Tops – Evil Gemios

Evil Gemios is an exciting five-piece top that lets you customize it to create just the right combination for attack, defense and battle stamina! Battle it out in any Beystadium™ arena (sold separately)! Top includes FACE BOLT™*, ENERGY RING™*: Gemios, FUSION WHEEL™*: Evil, SPIN TRACK™*: DF145 and PERFORMANCE TIP™*: FS pieces and comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER™* and assembly tool.

Evil Gemios Beyblade Metal Fusion 2010

How to assemble the Evil Gemios video:

Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set Review

Beyblade Metal Fusion SUPER VORTEX BATTLE SETThe Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set is the best tool to join in on the Beyblade craze. With this awesome battle set, players can engage in battles with your buddies. Are you a grandmother or grandfather confused by all the Beyblade Metal Fusion jargon….don’t know what your grand kids want to buy?   This simple set which includes:

-Super Vortex Stadium
-Storm Pegasus Metal Fusion Beyblade
-Lightning L-Drago Metal Fusion Beyblade

The battle set has all that you need for a spinning battle with your homies. Everything is included in the package and you wouldn’t need to buy additional accessories unless you want to go mental and get the Evil Gemios (that one rocks).

This boxed set includes Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago.  Wanna watch them battle it out…..then check out the youtube review of the Super Vortex Battle Set by DualDimension:


Beyblade Metal Fusion: SUPER VORTEX BATTLE SET

What is the BEST Beyblade stadium on the market right now….it is the….Super Vortex.

Beyblade Metal Fusion SUPER VORTEX BATTLE SET“Turn up” the excitement with this awesome battle arena for your super-cool Beyblade tops! This SUPER VORTEX Beystadium arena was specially designed for super-intense battles — which is important, because you’re about to go all out! Set up your Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago tops to prepare for battle. With its RF tip for aggressive maneuvering, your Storm Pegasus top is a serious mover and shaker. Your Lightning L-Drago top has a unique left-spin that maximizes its attack potential. When these two battle it out head-to-head, there’s no telling who the winner will be! Start the spinning with your two RIPCORD LAUNCHER tools and keep it going as you chart your battles on the 24 tournament grids. From dynamic attacks to evasive maneuvers, all of your best techniques will be put to the test — make yourself the champion!

Awesome set comes with everything you need to stage a serious spinning showdown! Set includes SUPER VORTEX Beystadium arena, 2 exclusive Beyblade Metal Fusion tops, 2 ripcord launchers, 24 tournament grids, official rule book and 2 collector cards.


Which Beyblade Metal Fusion is the best?

It really depends on the performance tip. If you look at the back of
each Beyblade metal fusion pack there is a diagram showing the defense, stamina and attack.  For example, Storm Pegasus is not a very good Beyblade in my opinion.  His chart says that his performance tip is 6 attack, 1 defense and 0 stamina. Do you think that’s powerful?  It is pretty good for a quick attack but he will only last about 10 seconds because of his zero stamina.

The BEST beyblade without using modified parts from other beyblades is clearly:  Burn Fireblaze. Why:  beacuse stamina is the best thing you need and it has full stamina.  During a game between two kids in the store, I noticed that a Rock Pegasus (Pegasus middle and dark wolf bottom) didn’t have a chance against the big bad Mr. Burn Fireblaze.  Buy Burn Fireblaze and prove me wrong.

Burn Fireblaze - Beyblade Metal Fusion  Spin TopsBurn Fireblaze - Beyblade Metal Fusion  Spin Tops


Beyblade fan? Collect the fighting tops but not sure where you want to wage your battles against your friends–or enemies? Well, there’s a new area available for players and here’s a look at it!

It’s designed for the Metal Fusion collection, but if you haven’t hopped on-board the MF train, than you can use whichever Beyblades you’d like and watch them duke it out. Hasbro’s added this to its existing collection of awesome Beyblade Metal Fusion tops, which we’ve got both in-stock and pre-orderable.

Check out the whole collection: we’ve got everything from Rock Aries Purple to Storm Aquario Blue, Flame Libra Green to Lightning L-Drago Blue, plus electronic blades, face-off packs and MORE!

You can take a look at the whole collection here!