Brand New Beyblade Metal Fusion Legends Series is available

Finally got a new assortment of Beyblades this past week….we got such a small shipment so I was not able to open up any extra (overstock) that we usually have so I can test them out.   I had a kid come into the store and claim that the Legends Night Virgo was pretty powerful (although I can’t confirm that in the stadium).   Once we get our next larger shipment, I should be able to test some of these new Legends Beyblades and give you guys/gals a quick review.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Legend

Beyblade Metal Fusion Legend


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This great set has it all! It’s got ONE Red Super Vortex Baystadium, 2 RANDOM Bayblades and 2 Rip-cord launcher! It’s a great buy, a great selection and a great Christmas present!

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