Battlestar Galactica: Modern & Classic Cylons

The Modern and Classic Cylons are both available in a new 2-pack from the folks at NECA for their massive Battlestar Galactica collection. These guys stand about 7 inches tall, feature some very impressive sculpting and design and  are pre-orders right now, shipping in April 2010;  they’re definitely worth a second look if you’re a BSG fan. Also available from the 2-pack section pre-orders are the Tigh and Gaeta and Starbuck and Leoben packs.

We’ve also got single 6-inch figures from Baltar to Six, Titanium reproductions of the futuristic vehicles seen in the show and, for a more lighthearted take on what was one of the darkest sci-fi shows to date, take a look at the Battlestar Mini-Mates!

All of the items are a great way to commemorate a series that many still miss–despite the fan fervor surrounding the spin-off, Caprica.

New Figures from Battlestar Galactica

Like any quality sci-fi franchise, Battlestar Galactica will live on through spin-offs, books, comics, toys and, of course, its loyal fans. You can’t go to a convention nowadays without spotting a Tigh here or a pair of Sixes there or meeting one of the stars at a signing or panel. As ‘geekdom’ continues to grow in popularity, more and more fans are getting in on it. Which is why, it seems, the folks at Diamond Toys are releasing a bunch of new figures long after the rebooted BSG’s finale.

Joining the already-released William Adama, Cylon Six (red dress version!), Apollo and Duala are the likes of Admiral Helena Cain, President Roslin, Starbuck, Boomer and a couple Cylon Centurions. They’re available for pre-order already, so if you’re looking for that one figure or set that’ll complete your collection, head on over to CmdStore’s Battlestar Galactica section and check out what we’ve got!

You can also grab seasons of BSG over at!
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Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5

Battlestar Galactica: Upcoming figures!

Battlestar Galactica may have come to an end (paving the way for the Caprica prequel), but the figures based on the hugely popular show are still available and yet more are being released later this year, showing that you can never keep a good sci-fi epic down. Joining figures of characters like Caprica Six, Brendan Costanza and Lee “Apollo” Adama are two new sets in August and September 2009.

The first set, shipping in August but available for pre-order, contains Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Helena Cain and President Lee Adama. And in September, look for more figures to arrive in-stock and help you get through those tough Friday nights without BSG!