Battlestar Galactica Viper — pre-painted model kit!

Battlestar Galactica fans, are you ready? New from Moebius Models is this exclusive Classic Viper Model kit. Crafted ever-so-precisely in 1/32 scale, this design is definitely one-of-a-kind. Specifically, this is the finished version of the Moebius Viper, necessitating no artistic effort on your part whatsoever (wink)!

Its launch-tube packaging makes for excellent display options without ever having to remove the model from the pre-supplied package. Included with the model kit is a display stand and an artfully weathered paint scheme, showcasing a pilot in the cockpit for a realistic effect. Take flight with it today!


One of the most realistic-looking mini-spacecraft we’ve ever sold!

CAPRICA Returns Early! Plus, BSG Figures!

Big Caprica fan? Then you’ll probably be very, very pleased to know that the SyFy hit’s highly-anticipated return is going to be happening even sooner than originally planned! Here’s the story direct from the source at SyFy!

NEW YORK – September 9, 2010 – The highly anticipated return of Syfy’s critically-acclaimed series Caprica will come even sooner than anticipated. The second half of season one will now premiere on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 10:00PM ET/PT, the channel announced today. Fans will no longer have to wait until January to watch the series exciting kick-off, as the citizens of Caprica deal with the chaotic aftermath of the mid-season finale’s harrowing events.

The second half of season one will transport us from stunningly vivid, twisted Virtual realities to the fascinating outer worlds of the 12 Colonies. Along the way, revolutionary tensions rise, family power shifts and our characters grapple with the physical and emotional consequences of their questionable decisions. As the season races towards its stunning conclusion, each episode lays the groundwork for the inevitable (and brutal) clash between the new Cylon race and its human creators.

“Though we initially announced the January return of Caprica, we still had hopes of finding a way to get the series back on the air sooner,” said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Syfy and Co-Head of Content for Universal Cable Productions. “We’ve been able to successfully re-work our schedule, and are thrilled to bring the show back during what is traditionally Syfy’s most-watched time of the year. The outcome should also please fans who expressed their wishes for a shorter mid-season hiatus.”

Caprica stars Eric Stoltz (Daniel Graystone), Paula Malcomson (Amanda Graystone), Esai Morales (Joseph Adama), Polly Walker (Sister Clarice Willow), Alessandra Torresani (Zoe Graystone), Magda Apanowicz (Lacy) and Sasha Roiz (Sam Adama).

Caprica will immediately follow new episodes of Stargate Universe (Tuesdays @ 9PM).

The third season premiere of Sanctuary will now launch in its former timeslot on Friday, October 15 at 10:00PM ET/PT immediately following Friday Night Smackdown on Syfy at 8:00PM ET/PT.

Now, fans for whom Caprica does not fill the void left by Battlestar Galactica’s departure might want to check out the collection of action figures we’ve got for sale over at CmdStore! From Baltar to Six, Stabuck to Tigh, we’ve got 2-packs, adorable Mini-mates and much, much more! Check it all out in our Battlestar Galactica figure section or click the links below to take a look at each individual section!

Civil War Cylon Centurion and a NEW BSG Spin-Off!

Good news for BSG fans! Firstly, with the addition of a Civil War Cylon Centurion to our Battlestar Galactica section over at CmdStore:

The figure stands about 7 inches tall and comes with a number of switchable parts and a bunch of accessories, plus a collector card. It also boasts some brilliant sculpting and a full 20 points of articulation. If you’re a fan of the show, it’ll make a great addition to your toyshelf and might help remind you of the good old days.

Although, really, those days aren’t exactly over? With Caprica thrilling fans, it seems that BSG is the show that keeps on giving. Which is demonstrated even further by an upcoming web series…

Here’s the good news from The Chicago Tribune

Those who’ve been hoping for a new chapter of the “Battlestar Galactica” story may get their wish.

An online series called “Blood & Chrome” is in the works, one that would follow the experiences of a young William “Husker” Adama in the first Cylon War.

According to Mark Stern, Syfy’s executive vice president of original programming and the co-head of original content for Universal Cable Productions, “Battlestar Galactica” and “Caprica” co-executive producer Michael Taylor will write the the script for the new venture.

“Blood & Chrome” is “about a young man’s initiation into war: both the realities of war as fought by soldiers on the ground (and in Battlestars and Vipers), and the somewhat less real version portrayed in the media,” according to Taylor.

“Blood & Chrome” would consist of nine or 10 episodes of nine or 10 minutes each, and it would make use of cutting-edge digital technology and special effects to depict the Cylon War. If it is greenlit to production, it will be filmed using green screens and virtual sets, not unlike Syfy’s “Sanctuary” or James Cameron’s “Avatar.” Before “Battlestar Galactica” ended, high-tech scans were made of all the show’s sets, so that the special-effects team will be able to re-create them (possibly even in 3D).

“I’ve seen the virtual, 3D version of CIC [‘Battlestar’s’ Combat Information Center] and it’s pretty damn cool,” Taylor said. “And yet the movie isn’t confined to Galactica. Far from it. It’s a story that will take us to new corners of the ‘Battlestar’ world (or worlds), and yet it aims to be a very contemporary war movie in a lot of ways. I would say I’m thinking as much of Afghanistan and Iraq–the reality of ‘Hurt Locker,’ Sebastian Junger’s ‘Restrepo,’ and similar movies–as I am about about the largely implied past of ‘Battlestar.'”

Though Taylor said he’ll strive for the kind of emotional engagement that was the hallmark of “Battlestar,” which ended in 2009, expect lots of of cliffhangers and visceral suspense as well. “We’re not going to be shying away from R-rated blood and guts and sex,” Taylor noted. “Because this is initially meant to air online, we pretty much have no restrictions in that department.”

It’s not known yet if “Blood & Chrome” would star Nico Cortez, the actor cast as young Adama in “Razor,” a previous “Battlestar Galactica” movie. There may be one other character from “Razor” in the new online series, but it would feature a mostly new cast.

If “Blood & Chrome” is successful, it could be the first a series of similar projects, and if it’s judged very successful, it could even act as a backdoor pilot for a TV show set in that war-torn “BSG” era.

And hey, if you’re just waiting for the new stuff to start coming out, then there’s no better time to catch up on your viewings of what came before. So here are links to the complete series (including a very cool Cylon case) from Amazon!

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series on DVD

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series on DVD (with Collectible Cylon)

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (with Collectible Cylon) [Blu-ray]

Boomer & Athena – Battlestar Galactica 6 Inch Figure 2-Pack

Boomer & Athena

The award-winning Battlestar Galactica series may be over, but the adventures of the Cylon Number Eight model will continue for eons to come! This all-new action figure two-pack features the two central Number Eight models – the heroic and dedicated Athena and her Cavil-friendly counterpart, Boomer! Both seven-inch figures feature multiple points of articulation and accessories from the hit show!

You can also grab DVD seasons of BSG over at!
Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

Battlestar Galactica – Season One

Battlestar Galactica – Season 2.0 (Episodes 1-10)

Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.5 (Episodes 11-20)

Battlestar Galactica – Season Three

Battlestar Galactica – Season 4.0

Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5

Dirk Benedict on the A-Team Remake

With fans still lamenting the loss of the Battlestar Galactica TV series and others looking forward to the A-Team remake, Dirk Benedict would have something to say on the matter. Unfortunately, though, he’s pretty upset with both. Digital Spy reports…

Benedict starred as Lieutenant Starbuck in the original series, but in the new version the character became a woman, played by Katee Sackhoff.

Speaking about the new A-Team movie, Benedict told Anorak City: “They’ll screw it up. They’ll do it what they did to Battlestar Galactica, probably.”

He continued: “[The Battlestar Galactica remake] wasn’t the show I made. I played an iconic character, but they turned him into a girl!

“When you do Star Wars you don’t turn Han Solo into a girl, Hannah Solo. When you do Rio Bravo you don’t have Madonna get her boots out to play John Wayne. Create another character instead.”

Benedict added that he wishes he hadn’t filmed a cameo for the A-Team movie, saying: “You’ll miss me if you blink. I kind of regret doing it because it’s a non-part. They wanted to be able to say, ‘Oh yeah, the original cast are in it’, but we’re not. It is three seconds. It’s kind of insulting.”

Not sure why he’s so upset–frankly, the world does need more strong female characters and Katee Sackhoff fit the bill while retaining the essence (and name) of Benedict’s character. Oh well. Can’t please everyone!

While we’re on the topic, of course, I’ll put up a link to our Battlestar Galactica section. I’m afraid you’ll find more Katee than Dirk, but given his mood, that might not be a bad thing.

Battlestar Galactica: Samuel Anders Exclusive

Here’s a loo at the new BSG Exclusive figure we’ve got for sale over at!

Samuel Anders was a professional athlete before the Cylon destruction of the colonies. Left to fend for themselves, he and a group of other survivors waged war against the Cylon occupation before being rescued by Starbuck and the crew of the Battlestar Galactica. Though his marriage to Starbuck is difficult at times, the pair have overcome the most extreme of obstacles.

That’s the official word from the folks at Diamond Select, the manufacturers behind this awesome new 7-inch figure. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean studios, it features great articulation but a look that also makes it suitable for display on your toy shelf! The fact that it helps bring back fond memories of the now-ended Sci-Fi series just makes it all the sweeter!

Battlestar Galactica Figures: Starbuck, Leoben, Tigh & Gaeta

Two new action figure two-packs have arrived from the folks at Diamond Select and it means very good news for fans of the late, great Battlestar Galactica. The first arrival features figures of Tigh and Gaeta, fan favourites overdue for the 2-pack treatment. Take a look!

Joining them are Starbuck and Leoben in another 2-Pack that has just come in: