Batman Black and White: Toni Daniel

“The Battle For The Cowl” will always be remembered as a very weird time in Batman’s history, whether you loved it or hated it (personally I just found it way too convoluted and Marvelesque for my tastes). But what can’t be denied is that it was a pretty decent time for some pretty decent art and that’s exemplified here in a new Batman: Black and White statue from DC Direct:

Standing at 9 inches high, Batman stands on an emblem-shaped base and readies his grappling hook (with more skill than Batgirl, it seems) for action. The item is currently a pre-order and will be shipping in January of next year, a great way to cure the impending winter blahs.

Batman Reborn: New Pre-orders!


Okay, I won’t lie: as a Batman purist, I couldn’t stand Battle for the Cowl or anything that came with it. Not the constant presence of Damien Wayne, not even the Black Casebook. Nothing.

I’ve never liked opening the world of the Dark Knight to too much ridiculousness or soap-opera style death and undeath (except in the case of Ra’s al Ghul, of course). But despite my feelings on the matter, Morrison continues to push ahead with all this and DC Direct has released the first series of non-Batman Batman figures under the name BATMAN REBORN, where everyone who isn’t Bruce Wayne gets a shot at being Gotham’s protector.

Sigh. At least the sculpts are done well. They all stand about 6 inches tall and come with relevant accessories. They do not, of course, come with the 3-D glasses that the Harvey-Dent-as-Batman costume would seem to demand!

Personally, I tend to think that when former Robin/Spoiler Stephanie Brown’s action figure look is the least garish of all the options, it’s time to bring back Bruce! …Or maybe just Darwyn Cooke. He could fix this.