Jump in the Batmobile with the Batman Classic 1966 Dynamic Duo

The much-loved classic TV series gets a 3-D makeover with this awesome new offering from Mattel. Check out this Batman Classic 1966 Dynamic Duo and Batmobile set! This team packs more punch than ever before in a set that includes Batman, Robin and a retro-cool Batmobile that they can ride inside. Batman and Robin stand six inches tall and are fully articulated, featuring the same classic colors and styling that you know and love from the hit TV show.

The Batmobile comes complete with signature fins, exposed piping, black and red colors and iconic Bat symbol. Re-create the most epic of battle scenes and then hop in the whip to save Gotham City. Click the “Shop Now” button below to get them straight to your collection faster than you can say “BIFF! BAM! KAPOW!”


Tumbler #043

A Revoltech import from Kaiyodo, this thing’s got a pretty long title, but you know what it is:

Officially called the Sci-Fi Revoltech #043: The Dark Knight Rises: Tumbler Vehicle, the Tumblr measures about 6 inches long and features a faux flame exhaust, clear stand and nameplate and a teeny tiny Batman figure.


This is one incredible collectible and no picture can really do it justice– you’ve gotta see this kind of detail in person. It’s about 1:6 scale, meaning 29 inches in total, and every piece is perfectly designed, creating a Batmobile that rivals the real deal in everything but size–and, I suppose, functionality. That said, though, you can definitely fit any of the 12” Sideshow figures in here, whether Bruce Wayne/Batman, the Joker or maybe Tony Stark, if you’re into crossovers.

Authentically detailed Sixth Scale model car measures approximately 29 inches long
Identically to scale with Hot Toys’ Sixth Scale Batman Figure
Detailed Cockpit
Roof panel slides open to allow access for Sixth Scale Batman
Movable braking flaps
Headlights feature light-up function (Requires Three (3) AAA Batteries – Not Included)


While we wait for the film and even the awesome DARK KNIGHT RISES action figures, there’s some very good news from MTV:

Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series is planning to go out in style.

In honor of “The Dark Knight Rises'” impending release, two of the most iconic vehicles from Batman’s arsenal — the Tumbler and Bat-Pod — are going to be toured around the country for fans’ viewing pleasure. The tour kicks off on May 12 in Arkansas and wraps up in Los Angeles on July 7, just in time to (hopefully) head down to San Diego for Comic-Con.

The official website for the cross-country jaunt is http://www.tumblertour.com, but fans can get updates and locations for the trip from Facebook and Twitter. The tour dates and locations are tentative for now, so if you’re interested in attending it’s worth checking out those outlets closer to when the vehicles are supposed to be near you.

The current schedule shows the tour stopping in 19 states as well as Washington D.C. and Canada. The website for the tour promises that more stops are to be added, so hopefully they’ll add more locations in the New England and Pacific Northwest.

Here’s the full tentative schedule:

» 5/12 Bentonville, AR
» 5/15 Tulsa, OK
» 5/19 Overland Park, KS
» 5/21 Kansas City, MO
» 5/25 Chicago, IL
» 5/27 Washington, DC
» 5/28 Baltimore, MD
» 5/30 Philadelphia, PA
» 6/1 Buffalo, NY
» 6/7 Toronto Canada
» 6/10 Montreal Canada
» 6/12 Purchase, NY
» 6/13 Columbus, OH
» 6/15 Lansing, MI
» 6/16 Detroit, MI
» 6/17 Brooklyn, MI
» 6/19 Indianapolis, IN
» 6/21 Nashville, TN
» 6/22 Knoxville, TN
» 6/23 Atlanta, GA
» 6/25 Dallas, TX
» 6/27 San Antonio, TX
» 6/29 El Paso, TX
» 7/1 Albuquerque, NM
» 7/2 Phoenix, AZ
» 7/7 Los Angeles, CA

Directed by Christopher Nolan, “The Dark Knight Rises” stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman. It’s coming to theaters and IMAX on July 20.

Batmobile Tumbler visits BC Canada

BC Cancer Foundation and Andy Smith, Batmobile builder and cancer survivor teamed up to bring the Batmobile Tumbler to Vancouver for an up close and personal experience.

Andy Smith received his treatment at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver. Smith has made the vehicle accessible to the BC Cancer Foundation in an effort to give back and say thank you to those who helped him fight the deadly disease.

We are taking orders for the release of the Batman Tumbler Batmobile.  It is a one sixth scale model size which means it is scaled to go with a 12 inch action figure.

Batman The Dark Knight  Vehicle - Batmobile - Tumbler

CarDesignFetish’s Batmobile Redesign Contest

ComicsAlliance reports on CarDesignFetish’s Batmobile Redesign Contest…

The automotive aesthetics obsessives over at CarDesignFetish recently concluded a competition where readers submitted their redesigns of that most iconic of vehicles, the Batmobile. The site encouraged participants not to concentrate on fancy renderings but rather on quick and dirty sketches to effectively convey their ideas, which helped generate quite a lot of entries. We’ve chosen our favorites, which you can see after the jump.

Here are two pics from the list, but be sure to check out ComicsAlliance for the whole batch! You won’t want to miss it.

H.R. Giger’s Batmobile

Despite the varied nature of all the artwork he has contributed to the world, H.R. Giger is still probably best known for his (shamefully underpaid) work on the designers for the eponymous creatures of the Alien film franchise. Though he didn’t directly contribute to most of what you see in the later films (and certainly not the AvP revival), there’s still so much to be said for the amazing creatures he created. Over in our Aliens & AvP section, we just opened up pre-orders for the original alien Giger designed. Known as “Big Chap”, he looks a little something like this.

But what’s even more interesting is that we were recently given our first look at Giger’s work on another massive film franchise: he contributed a strange, organic Batmobile design for the hit Batman Forever, starring Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones and Nicole Kidman. His design was definitely a far cry from the original, which you can see here in this article by WorstPrevires.com.

In 1994, “Alien” concept designer HR Giger was hired to design a new Batmobile for “Batman Forever,” that saw Val Kilmer don the Batsuit to battle The Riddler (Jim Carrey) and Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones).

Giger’s unique “X” shaped design was to include articulated front legs/mandibles, retractable fins, and gatling gun emplacements on each of the four pods on the sides of the vehicle. The design also combined side and forward intake ports with spines and a central pod connecting the four legs.

Director Joel Schumacher eventually decided against the design and went with a slightly different and monstrous version of the Batmobile. Check out the designs below.