Round two! Batman Black & White Joker statue by Jim Lee gets a second edition

The Joker’s gotten a vintage makeover. He’s always one to make an impression, though, isn’t he? Take a look at the DC Comics Batman Black & White Joker by Jim Lee 2nd Edition statue. Since the first course was such a hit, we’ve been treated to dessert. Sculptor James Shoop brings us this six-inch version of Mr. J, menace to Gotham City and the Caped Crusader’s most notable foe.

Here, he comes true to the early 2000s Batman: Hush aesthetic, gripping his “Bang” gun. Shaded in monochromatic tones and set atop a Bat logo-shaped base, he is packaged in a black-and-white box perfect for gifting or display. Order with the click of the button below!


Real Action Hero series introduces Batman Hush

Medicom boasts that this is one of the best-looking Batman figurines on the market, and we’re inclined to agree. This Batman from the acclaimed Batman: Hush comic series by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee comes 12 inches tall and with an exquisitely tailored costume. Three sets of hands and an intricate head sculpt (an original design by Lee) showcase the craftsmanship put into the rendering. It’s even more remarkable when you realize that it’s a 3-D imagination of a 2-D character — no small feat! This could easily be one of the best Medicom figures yet.

Keep it on the Hush.

Keep it on the Hush.